Thursday, February 16, 2017

Enough Technology Should Wipe Out Relationships Entirely - Science

In the latest bit of gratuitous technology to solve a non-problem, we have a minimal sensation of touch being passed between a couple of gloves wired between computers.  The premise is these add something to long-distance relationships.  The bigger question is why doesn't the lazy bugger get off his dead ass to go to his woman but the article does not answer that.  (Science Daily:  Technology puts 'touch' into long-distance relationships)

A SIAT graduate student Azadeh Foirghani demonstrates the Flex N Feel glove.

Credit: SFU

- SD

I assume you can infer the meaning of 'SFU' in this context.

So, how are you liking sex in the slow lane so far.  All together now, what problem are you trying to solve?

Long-distance couples can share a walk, watch movies together, and even give each other a massage, using new technologies being developed in Carman Neustaedter's Simon Fraser University lab.

It's all about feeling connected, says Neustaedter, an associate professor in SFU's School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT). Student researchers in his Surrey campus-based Connections Lab are working on myriad solutions.


Well, there's just about every buzz word of the new age in a few easy paragraphs.  Most of all I love the idea of 'feeling connected' for people who haven't the slightest intention of connecting with anything beyond the computer screen.  It's the same with people calling VR situations with computers something more than just watching television.

Ed:  diving into The Matrix?

Roger that.  None of them check out their parachutes before jumping either.

Part of the drive behind this one came out in a recent article about the extraordinary number of Japanese who don't have sex.  It doesn't appear so much they gave up on it but rather they couldn't be bothered.  Call it the Hipster Phenomenon if you like in which they've just got better things to do.

Ed:  what things?

Beats me, pal, but the numbers in the article are astonishing.  (Ithaka:  Just Say "NO" to Sex, Especially in Japan)

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