Sunday, February 19, 2017

Celebrate the Resplendent Nuptial Ceremony

The personal aspect to these resplendent nuptials has been removed.  You're a noble sort, of course, but the guvmint turned the rest of the Internet into a nest of vipers with a twisted fascination for golden showers so we don't want those snakes seeing it.

I've seen many things but I've not seen an invitation to a resplendent nuptial ceremony previously and that's surely not to be missed.  My estimation is about thirty percent for getting there and that sounds bad or it sounds like I still think there's an outside chance to pull it off.

Ed:  Socialists always go for the thirty percent chance!

Too bloody right.

Ed:  unless you turn over the entire society in a full-scale revolution!

Yep, we do that too but not at a resplendent nuptial ceremony.

Mystery Lady, it happens on April 14 so it's just about two months until show time.  I imagine your attendance probability is about the same as mine but it would be grand, wouldn't it.  There's no way Yevette would miss it and hopefully Cadillac Man could be there as well.

We can be the Cadre of Old Ducks or the CODfish Contingent.

I did learn an estimable bit of ballroom dancing along the way although it's never been called to task at a wedding reception which, I imagine, is the only place one ever does a Foxtrot.

Lotho:  people only do the Foxtrot with their grandparents!

Um, don't look now, Lotho, but I've got news.

Maybe I could find a CD with some merengue music because that dance is so good for spins and then the young 'uns can watch the CODfish Contingent falling.  Then they can make those great videos for YouTube to show the Old Ducks diving and we can be famous.

Ed:  and resplendent!

That too.

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