Sunday, February 19, 2017

CNN, Cheap Purple, and Rockin' the New Age

Today CNN advised us 'Trump got the adulation he wanted' since they apparently have the thinking Presidents ever seek anything else.  (CNN: Trump gets what he wants in Florida: Campaign-level adulation)

The Rockhouse has no interest in defending Donald Trump but there's a greater need to defend against cheap purple journalism which is seen as a much greater danger.

Ed:  resist the resistance?

Roger that.  We need a better class of dissident, mate.  Do you imagine Marat would have put up with those lazy ass scribes.

Ed:  Marat was a philosopher and they're just hacks with poor command of the language.

Roger that.

Trump, who just months ago finished campaigning for the office he now holds, was both selling what his administration has done in its first 30 days and trying to change the subject after a chaotic month. The President was forced to fire his national security adviser, struggled to roll out his travel ban and strained to explain a growing story about how members of his 2016 campaign made repeated contact with Russian individuals known to US intelligence.


Use of 'both' in the first sentence isn't an example of purple prose; it's simply stupid usage.

The simplistic agenda is to cast Trump's first month as chaotic when, in fact, he's got most of his Cabinet seated and the real turmoil is in Congress which has been trying to play business as usual but everyone in the country has been bitching about how Congress does bad business.  So what if they're in turmoil.

The travel ban is one aspect of a number of poor judgment calls from the White House and CNN gets, oh, so self-righteous about it with the racist denigration of wayward immigrants ... but they don't say a word about how Trump has been escalating the ethnic cleansing at Standing Rock even more than Obama.  How about that for the behavior of wayward immigrants.

There's also the ongoing Clintonesque melodrama of Kill the Red Menace since any other view of contact with Moscow is in the interests of diplomacy which is specifically the thing the White House is supposed to be doing and which Obama / Clinton did so poorly.

The content on CNN isn't far off open sedition now but the trouble is they're not that good at it.  Jeff Zucker, CNN CEO, said he likes the material they produce so he must mean he is banging the help in the same way as Fred Ailes at Fox.

Note:  I may have the first names wrong for those skanks but I don't regard either of them as important enough to warrant validation.

"When the media lies to the people, I will never let them get away with it. I will do whatever I can so they don't get away with it. They have their own agenda and their agenda is not your agenda," Trump said Saturday.

As he bellowed, event attendees turned to the pen where the media stood and booed.
Trump previewed these attacks in the days leading up to his event, tweeting Friday that a list of outlets were "the enemy of the American People!"


Ah, so he was 'bellowing,' was he?  The reporting on that was kind of shallow since we don't know if he was screeching like a banshee or someone having trouble using the toilet.  What kind of bellowing does this mean?

In fact, the media does lie to the people and you know it perfectly well.  In that context, the media does represent an enemy of the people.

Ed:  for someone who isn't defending Trump ... you sure get defensive.

I don't give a rat's ass about Trump since he offers nothing original but I have a deep concern about the process which has been ripped into shreds by fake news, fake candidates, and fake issues.  The MSM perpetrators of that can mask it with as much self-righteousness as they like but it's only fooling the groundlings.

Ed:  there are many groundlings

That's the only thing keeping CNN alive.

"Joke on the Water"

We all came out for Debbie
On the Lake Geneva shoreline
To make history with a mobile
She brought all the slime
Hillary Clinton and the Bankers
Bought the best place around
But some Fascist with a flare gun
Burned the place to the ground

Joke on the water, liars in the sky
Joke on the water

- Cheap Purple

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