Sunday, February 19, 2017

Needing More Attention to Comments / Using Ithaka in General

Support for Comments on Ithaka has lurched since sometimes there are lots and attention goes up; then it subsides and so does attention to them.  I need to be more consistent about it and check them a few times a day or more if something seems an active thing as opposed to another thing which is more like a 'statement for the record' and doesn't need a response.

The article rambles a tad and the first bit of that is about how to quickly look up words in a dictionary without losing your place in whatever you're reading.

The vocabulary on Ithaka can sometimes be intimidating but Apple has an answer for that and possibly Windows browsers offer a similar feature.

If you don't know the meaning of a word in the text, first, double click it to select it.

Then CTRL-click the selected text.

Next select Look Up and get your result.

Such words will pop up since finding a word I didn't know means I must use it since then it might stick and increase my formidable vocabulary to great lengths.  It probably won't but it's worth a shot.

There's been a deliberate intention to make Ithaka more of a magazine and that's good for lots of reads since that will go about a thousand+ per day.  It gets away quite a bit from the personal aspect, tho.

Herewith, the only noteworthy aspect since there was much alarm over coughing up blood as well there might be.  There was no wolf as there was a lot of it ... but ... there's been almost no sign of that for quite some time.  Smoking the ganja has not stopped although some severely crap reefer finally moved up to ganja with some class.  The former caused quite a bit of coughing but still not the symptom.

At first I thought the blood was kind of dirty cool since it was like Doc Holliday but then there was a lot of it and the coolness stopped fastly.

Now there's little trace of it and I have zero explanation.  My lungs are still screwed and will be but that escalated it to screwed right now with immediate attention needed.  Being generally screwed is the same for any of us since we review what does work and get on with that.  The screwed right now circumstance means I have to deal with it and ... screw that.

The musical aspect goes up and down from it being the best thing one can possibly do with time to the other end of it with what's the fucking point.  Some of you old buckets of bolts know the trip since everything becomes muscle work when the muscles don't want to do it.  That's not a lament but rather notification I know the battle as well.

Cadillac Man is trying to work up the steam to go off walkabout again and he's got the same situation with the mind is willin' but the muscles will fight ... or ... more accurately, they don't want to do anything.

It's been unusual in seeing all the reads for Ithaka since that implies some kind of importance or power and that was the perception of some, at least.  My own perception is it's interesting that people find interest in the things I write.  There has been a bit of a move to be more respectful of the number of people who read it since there's kind of a legacy vibe to it.

Cadillac Man and I were talking of that and things meaning anything.  For me, Ithaka does since it will state various things even when no-one else will and in some cases I will be hated for them but that doesn't negate any truth in the content.

The legacy aspect is real but there's got to be a way to make a little jingle on this.  I most specifically don't want to assault you with advertising.  Quite apart from anything else, I would have to look at it too.

Using a Donate button is a loser since most just ignore it.  I bounce off the idea of GoFundMe sometimes but that's not so much related to Ithaka performance as it is a direct charity so it still doesn't really work although reducing the suckage of the po' house for even relatively short periods brings sunbeams and flowers.

I've hated marketing since the first millisecond of data processing back in the late Seventies.  Maybe some clever idea will come to me for wangling some jingle jangle out of Ithaka but the main drive is to write something interesting and then people have a reason to come back.

That's about it for the personal except my unrequited love for Indian food which will probably never be satisfied in Fort Worth.

Ed:  that's your biggest problem?

Oh, you wanna hear my biggest problem?


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