Wednesday, February 22, 2017

"Living In A Car - My Story" by Hobo Ahle

Hobo Ahle has been living in her van and I got intrigued by why she did it and how she manages to keep doing it.  At first I wondered if she comes from the big bucks and it's really a sham but that's not true.  Here's her story on how it got started.

I do have one note, tho, since dissatisfaction with a routine isn't limited to Millennials, young lady.  It's interesting to see what you make of that as the story goes along.

Lotho's favorite mantra, figure it out, comes up multiple times and I suspect you will like her way.  She's bright and unpretentious which makes her charm magnetic.

Hobo Ahle is using a novel form of sponsorship with the Patreon site where it seems people pledge a monthly stipend.  That strikes me as an awkward way to do it and I wouldn't expect success from it but she seemingly does ok.  If you like what she's doing, help her out if you can.

Hobo Ahle is creating YouTube videos on travel and van life!

Note:  the monthly stipend is only my perception of it and I'm not positive how it works.

She's an inventive kid in finding ways to do this and to pull it off without some Sugar Daddy in the background writing the checks for it.  She makes herself a living case study in Psychology since why does she do this but she has a charming way about her so it's more than watching goslings following Konrad Lorenz around his yard.

Ed:  it's like a reality show which doesn't have a studio parachute

Fair dinkum, mate.  Hobo Ahle can get herself killed doing this and you know the horror stories of the road.  Things get stolen, people get dead ... it's dangerous.

I'm diggin' Hobo Ahle's gumption and maybe a lot of you know her restlessness which isn't at all limited to Millennials.  It's not about instant gratification but rather unwillingness to settle for doing things you don't want to do.  There is more to life but you have to get off your ass to find it and this kid is doing it.

Major high five from the Rockhouse to Hobo Ahle.

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