Sunday, February 19, 2017

"Rocking Out the Bats" Live | Tangerine Dream

You may develop a new love or at least passion for percussion a short way into this.  Iris Camaa has the most unusual drum kit you are likely to see in a while and she looks like she has huge fun playing it.

If you were thinking you don't know krautrock, now you do.

Years before I even heard of krautrock, I was all smashed-up from a bike crash and I listened to Tangerine Dream quite a bit.  I was so smashed that I would hear them say it will get better eventually but nothing much changed and life was as bleak as it gets.  On top of that was Tangerine Dream and getting by with some help from my friends in bringing some primo ganja.

There's no escape but there is channeling thought to better places and I will be indebted always to Tangerine Dream for being part of the path to one of them.  "Rocking Out the Bats" isn't one of the sets from that time but they have about one hundred albums so finding one you haven't heard isn't difficult.  This set also features percussion from Iris Camaa and she wasn't part of it back in the smashed-up time so she's a great surprise.

Maybe that's sublime so here's the ridiculous since the band is like Indian food to me.  As you eat the meal, you taste the nuances of different spices coming and going and experience the interplay between them.

There you have it, direct from the Rockhouse, krautrock is like Indian food.

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