Saturday, February 18, 2017

Nobel Peace Prize for Angela Merkel

No-one has been more personally and politically forthright about the defense of refugees and their human rights than Angela Merkel.  Her courage in dealing with such matters honestly was at the sacrifice of her job but failing to do it would have been the sacrifice of her soul.

There's a great deal of bantering about women as leaders but Angela Merkel has been doing it successfully for years and yet she is often reviled.  However, I ran an article yesterday which linked to the seventeen countries with the worst levels of national debt but Germany was not among them.  Germany accepted as many refugees as America in at least one year and the country has not engaged in combat anywhere.

The German economy is strong, the humanitarian objectives for refugees are noble, and the country hasn't behaved with aggression.  Ordinarily, those would be solid indicators of an exceptional leader.

Ed:  until PEGIDA nationalism

Roger that.

Angela Merkel has been vilified nationally and internationally for her search for reasonable solutions to the problem of millions of refugees on the move and she's also been accused of a great many things because of a sober look at Russia in terms of effective cooperation.  (RT:  Merkel: Moscow & West have common interest in fighting terrorism)

Merkel's wish to solve problems rather than exacerbate them is surely the hallmark of an exceptional leader.

Ed:  how about if I grant it that she's exceptional but that's still not Nobel Peace Prize work

That position is worthy of defense since she's a highly intelligent woman and had to have known she was throwing away her career with her invitation to refugees to come to Germany but she did it anyway.  Here at the Rockhouse, we see a Nobel Prize as just a starter and putting her up for sainthood wouldn't be such a bad touch.

Ed:  how can you be so enthusiastic about Merkel but routinely assail Clinton?

Clinton is a common woman with ignoble goals and take your sexism with you when you leave since why should we believe all women are the same.  Merkel has been exceptional in everything except violence unless you consider it a virtue to prevent violence and the Rockhouse does.  There's little point to comparing Merkel to second-rate standards as it's more appropriate at a different level.  Merkel  has been a conservative and she's what Margaret Thatcher could have been.

Ed:  if Thatcher had a heart and any sense of morality?

Roger that.

Angela Merkel has been one of the world's great leaders in the modern age and she's not been given even fractional credit for it.

Ed:  because she's a woman?

Who can say for sure but the fact remains she deserves better treatment than she has received.  Obama bugged her cellphone, fer chrissakes.  Only the FBI has been sleazy enough to do shit like that in the past and now the White House does it as standard practice.

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