Wednesday, February 22, 2017

When Journalism Isn't Enough for You, There's the Scorpion Hoverbike

Being a journalist doesn't require the personal commitment of having sex nor is it dangerous like certain sports so such people would rather ride the bus than a Scorpion hoverbike and the author of the article wrote that specifically.  (HuffTech:  This Hoverbike Is A Horrific Injury Just Waiting To Happen)

Ed:  what about journos going into combat areas?

Most of them don't report the combat accurately so that activity is regarded as more stupid than brave.

For anyone else seeing the Scorpion, the first thought is to race it.

Ed:  do you hate all journalists or just most of them?

I don't hate them.  They're just tiresome when they act like pirates but most are only slugheads.  Your task in life is to find the things journalists won't do.

Ed:  they don't do anything except yap!

So what say we get some Scorpions and race.  You know I'm up for smashing myself all to hell since I've done it multiple times already and I know some of you are not averse to doing the same thing judging by all those scars.

Ed:  do you think it's brave riding the Scorpion?

Bravery has nothing to do with it.  We're talking about kicks, boobie.

Ed:  that thing will slice you into deli meat if you crash!

Tell those 200 mph NASCAR drivers about it and maybe it will just scare them to death, huh?  Besides, when you have taken a motorcycle into triple digits, you have already shown you're a lunatic so what is the point of this talk about danger anyway.

Ed:  was that article written by a woman?

You know, I couldn't resist looking and it was.  Denise McCluggage, she aint.  (WIKI:  Denise McCluggage)

Note:  looking up McCluggage revealed a surprise since all my life I have thought she was an Australian driver but actually she was a Yank and she was also a journo.

Ed:  they don't make them like her anymore!

Well, we can sing that sad lament or we can go racing, mate.

Racing these things is inevitable but you might want to give some consideration to which vendor you will choose to supply your hoverbike.  Hoversurf built this one but many of the pictures on their Web site don't work.  Hopefully they built the Scorpion better than that but I really would hate to discover when I'm airborne that this hoverbike was built like a bad Web site.  (See Hoversurf)

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