Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Whoop De Do about the Jobs At Amazon

Hiring fifty thousand workers at Amazon is the latest example of Trump's (cough) surging success.  (  Hundreds show up for jobs at Amazon warehouses in US cities (Update))

The key part they leave out of that surging success is all the jobs are under the minimum wage of fifteen dollars per hour which Hillary Clinton sold out and Donald Trump never mentioned.

Fifty thousand jobs is a nit in a labor force of ten million, all of whom are also making under the minimum wage.

Retail salespersons (4.6 million) and cashiers (3.5 million) were the occupations with the highest employment in May 2015.

Bureau of Labor Statistics:  Retail salespersons and cashiers were occupations with highest employment in May 2015

These jobs are good for, at best, about $25K per year and good luck to them living on it.  There's little chance for advancement for any of them and many would be better off working for McDonald's.

That's one hell of a booming economy when it blows through 22K on the DOW today but not one thin dime of that will ever come down to these workers.  Almost forty years after Reagan, the state is still pushing trickle down but mostly they don't even bother anymore.

There's a whole lot more to the current success in pantomime than there is in reality.

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Anonymous said...

WOW it must suck to only see gloom and doom.
They pay $14 an hour also health benefits from day one. They can earn more with night shift bonus and seasonal bonuses. And travel allowance
Closer 30k not counting bonuses and overtime.
My daughter's take home pay $700 per week. And she lives just fine on that. Even better when her boyfriend started making the same.
Terrible terrible situation for them to be in. Take home of $70k a year and paid insurance.

This economy is at 4.0 unemployment which is considered full employment.
Companies are?struggling to hire fast enough with skilled workers in very high demand.