Wednesday, August 2, 2017

"They Make Such Sacrifice" #Poetry

The King said he saved a handful 
and has proclaimed himself a saint
but millions die and he doesn't care
he never raises a complaint
He just wants more junk for Fourth of July
for some chickenshit parades
since the more of that shit he's selling
the more he's got it made

He said the parades will protect me
when they were never worth a damn
All they ever did was cheat me
that's how it goes with Uncle Sam
He didn't protect against the theft
which came into my life
He didn't protect against the fraud
instead he stabbed me with his knife

They said I need to get on with it
just go ahead and die
the cost of it is killing them
and they make such sacrifice
but it never cost them a goddamn cent
and all have conveniently forgotten
the price I had to pay the King
to live in a land so misbegotten

They said we'll give you blessings
aren't you so glad that you came
but I've lived in many countries
and they worked about the same
It just costs more in America
for something we don't get
and we will never see a dime of it
at least no-one has seen one yet

They say they're saving money
but give half the gold to wars
they say it sets them free 
but it made them servile boors
who are killing all the ones they want
and their path goes around the equator
in their heads where the empathy goes
they just got calculators

And the calculator doesn't even work

- Colonel Arbuthnot Jones

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