Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The White House Bible Study Group | It's Religion, Really Great Religion

The other animals love the common cranes because they're so stupid it's easy to bite them since they never see it coming.

The Bible study group includes Betsy DeVos and Rick Perry and DeVos was probably drafted as Education Secretary because Perry couldn't possibly read it himself.  It also includes, to make it absolutely priceless, Mike Pompeo and we have sure seen the merits of a pious CIA Director.  Maybe he prayed for guidance before spewing that phony bullshit about Russian hacking.

Zen Yogi:  he sweats a lot

It's mostly because he has overactive glands.  Mike Pompeo is (sob) one of those suffering from hyperactive glands and, in the rare event he's invited anywhere, people usually put protective covering on their furniture since he often leaks.

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