Tuesday, August 1, 2017

"Walking Around through Sparks and Rainbows" #Poetry

Although it seems so simple
there are many who can't get free
when they're not really rich
until they have more than me
and it's really not a sadness
they just went 'round the bend
since wealth in this big, unholy world
shouldn't need a foil to ascend

In this plane we have Zen Yogi
and he doesn't want a dime
don't take him up to Wall Street
since he doesn't have the time
When will you be or will you own
seem like matters fairly simple
but they rarely think too much beyond
Suzy Creamcheese and her dimples

But, wowee zowee, Suzy Creamcheese
what has got into you
You bet I still remember
when I called you from the blue
I was drunk and a wee bit loutish
but that beer will set one free
now I look back and feel the love
Suzy Creamcheese came to me

Some of you even know her
she's made rainbows all her life
she's still walking through that meadow
where colored glory blazes rife
with all the flowers in her field
as birds put garlands in her hair
there is no price for such freedom
and she can find it anywhere

- Colonel Arbuthnot Jones

Note 1:  the part about Suzy Creamcheese is true but she specifically does not have dimples.  She's here to this day.

Note:  wowee zowee, Suzy Creamcheese comes from Frank Zappa

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