Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Washington Has Its Tail in Sight and is Sure it Can Catch it #Science #Methane

Note:  the science segment is the last one in the article.

On a visit to the Baltics, Pence denounced Russia as an "unpredictable neighbor" that sought to "redraw international borders by force."

CNN:  Pence slams Russia as sanctions dispute escalates

Instead of leaders we get second-rate clerks.  Who do they think believes this bullshit when it's only been hours since America started fucking publicly with Venezuela to interfere in yet another country.

Start the countdown until Washington starts screaming about the need for regime change in Venezuela and, as usual, they will swear they heard it from Moses.  However, if Washington had really ever heard anything from Moses, their drone bombs would have been taking out New York City banks.

Note:  you will hear quite a bit from Americans about the need for the Ten Commandments but you will never hear so much as a whisper about why Moses smashed the tablets.

Speaking of second-rate clerks, we also have Jake Tapper, Prince of the Neoliberal Poltroons.

Tapper doesn't have the balls to call out anyone but he did admit the smokescreen the DNC put up around hacked equipment was fake.  It doesn't mean much since he's the same muckraking shitbag who was pitching the story about urination with Russian hookers.  Tapper's mama may have had some pride but it sure as hell never got to her boy.

The Russian hacking / election interference stories and every other aspect of their tail-chasing shitstorm has disappeared entirely from view.  Apparently no-one told Mike Pence but that really shouldn't be such a surprise since, wtf, why bother.

Pence is back on the penultimate Congressional hype about nothing with Russian aggression which doesn't exist.  Tapper is hanging upside-down from a May pole in his confusion over whether Russian hacking is real for Congressional hype about nothing No. 2.  That had been the ultimate but now they have more.

Let's see if the DNC can dance away from Congressional hype about nothing No. 3 since the DNC rigging of the election is in question now.  (Observer:  House Judiciary Committee Asks DOJ to Investigate DNC Rigging Primaries)

The situation is real insofar as the DNC did everything possible to rig the election and the evidence has been their own emails which have been available for over six months on WikiLeaks.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Donna Brazile had already been busted for it but this still won't go anywhere because it will verify the fact the American election is nothing more than a shabby farce with a script and effects by Ed Wood.  (WIKI:  Ed Wood)

Note:  Wasserman Schultz and Brazile lost nothing after being busted and Washington never censured them in any way.

The most remarkable aspect of the glibness of Congressionals is the total evaporation of anything about Russian hacking.  America will never admit it was wrong about anything despite abundant reasons it should but it's good at pretending things never happened.

There's not much more you can do with them except put Hartz flea collars around their necks and shoot them if they start foaming from their mouths.  We don't need the military to defend against attacks against America, we need the SPCA.

The science aspect is regarding the disposal of methane since Washington produces an inordinate volume of it and there's also a more serious reason since there are vast methane reserves locked in the ice and that's an element which can easily put global warming to shame.

Researchers may have an answer since they have discovered microbes which consume methane and metabolize it.  (Science Daily:  Methane-eating microbes may reduce release of gases as Antarctic ice sheets melt)

The research team camped in these tents near the drill site in Antarctica.

Credit: Reed Scherer

They had to be some seriously bad ass researchers to obtain their results.

Lurking in a lake half a mile beneath Antarctica's icy surface, methane-eating microbes may mitigate the release of this greenhouse gas into the atmosphere as ice sheets retreat.

A new study published in Nature Geoscience traces methane's previously unknown path below the ice in a spot that was once thought to be inhospitable to life. Study researchers sampled the water and sediment in Antarctica's subglacial Whillans Lake by drilling 800 meters through ice for the first time ever. Next they measured methane amounts and used genomic analyses to find that 99 percent of methane released into the lake is gobbled up by microbes.

- SD

The interested student is invited to pursue the source article but we only want the punchline.  All we need is a population of methane-eating microbes and we won't ever have another problem with Congress or global warming.

Double your pleasure, double your fun, with double-, double-, doublemint gum.

Concerned Edna:  what does methane have to do with Washington?

It's one of the primary ingredients in flatulence, dear ... even yours.

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