Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Talking to Zen Yogi About Losing Interest

I'm running out of interest for doing this, Zen Yogi.

Zen Yogi:  are you losing interest in existence?

No, Yogi, but I'm losing belief anyone else exists.

Zen Yogi:  I tell you what, Silas ... it don't mean doodleysquat

Maybe but some things they do will bite my ass like wolverines.

Zen Yogi:  how about trying Ommmm, Ommmm, Ommmm

I liked it better with doodleysquat, Zen Yogi.

Zen Yogi:  they are not real unless you make them real, Silas

You know, that one actually made sense.  Congrats on that.

Zen Yogi:  perhaps take it under advisement to lighten up on creating so many phantasms

You're a phantasm I made, Yogi.

Zen Yogi:  so are you, Silas

They don't care about anything.  I couldn't possibly be of the same species.

Zen Yogi:  take it easy as I'm not the same species either.  You'll get accustomed to it.

Why bother, Yogi?

Zen Yogi:  they often have pic-a-nic baskets

You like them for their pic-a-nic baskets?

Zen Yogi:  I don't know if I do like them but I like fried chicken.

Zen Yogi:  are you just going crazy because you're going to die?

No, my furry bear buddy, I'm crazy because I have to live.

Zen Yogi:  that sounded almost Zen-like

(takes a humble bow)

Beauty means nothing in a land beset by evil.

Zen Yogi:  it means nothing or it means all the more

Booboo:  I'm hungry, Yogi

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