Tuesday, August 1, 2017

About Zen Yogi and Eating Walter Palmer

Booboo:  I don't understand how there's pacifism in eating Walter Palmer

Zen Yogi:  it will sure pacify him

Booboo:  that's not funny, Yogi.  That's what killers often say to absolve themselves of killing people.

Zen Yogi:  I won't really eat him as the Grizzlies will do that.  They don't like killing humans but they do it as a public service to defend Nature.

Booboo:  thinking it is the same as doing it, Yogi

Zen Yogi:  you don't think a Zen tap dance will get me out of this?

Booboo:  no, Yogi

Zen Yogi:  maybe if we walk away really quietly the Grizzlies won't hear us

Booboo:  what about Walter Palmer?

Zen Yogi:  he's on his own as it's not my job to protect him

Booboo:  if he meets his end with the Grizzlies due to our inaction then we are complicit, Yogi

Zen Yogi:  how about if we make a really big sign which says seriously ill lions are down by Juneau

Booboo:  that could work since he probably can't resist shooting the weak ones and he would scram in a jiffy

Zen Yogi:  we just have one more thing and that's to walk quietly away from ...

King Grizzly:  ROAR!!!  Fee fie fo fair, I smell the blood of a fat ass bear

Zen Yogi:  run, Booboo

Booboo:  I think he meant you, Yogi

Zen Yogi:  he will settle for a chubby little bear too.  Run.

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