Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Zen Yogi and the Lingerie of Telephone Marketers

Zen Yogi:  remember, Booboo, the first thing to ask any telephone marketer is what color is your lingerie today?

Booboo:  I thought you were cooler than that, Yogi

Zen Yogi:  of course I'm cooler than that because I'm cooler than the average bear, Booboo, but think of the Zen of it.  What I think of her lingerie doesn't matter but what she thinks about it matters a lot.

Booboo:  so then she won't want to talk anymore?

Zen Yogi: she will be gone faster than if you shout who wants to audition for a sequel to "Wonder Woman"

Booboo:  can't you just scare her away?

Zen Yogi: noooo, Booboo, since you mustn't threaten or she will think you're just another emasculated politician and will laugh at you

Booboo:  what if she tells you about her lingerie, Yogi

Zen Yogi:  that's no problem, little buddy, since we will ask her to call us on a private number and then we own her.  "Hello, hello, this is Shady Lady's Dating Service and what can we do for your miserable sex life today?"

Meanwhile, block the marketer's number and get back to drinking green tea.  Peace

Booboo:  that's diabolical, Yogi

Zen Yogi:  how do you think I would sound as Diabolical Yogi, Booboo?

Booboo:  not so good, Yogi.

Zen Yogi:  that won't work for politicians, Booboo

Booboo:  why not, Yogi?

Zen Yogi:  they already know Shady Lady.  At least one of them might even be Shady Lady.

Booboo:  I'm hungry, Yogi

Zen Yogi:  that's the Zen of it, Booboo since marketer lingerie is not important but pic-a-nic baskets are highly important

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