Thursday, February 16, 2017

Splishing and Splashing in the Political non-Tidal Wave

We have observed the most unusual temperature inversions in the political weather lately and the support for Vladimir Putin comes up first.  In his past he has been deeply engaged with STASI, the secret police in East Germany under Communism.  His skeletons aren't in the closet but rather right out there on Red Square.  Nevertheless, he's emerged as their God of the Sun and a third of Russians really dig him.  (RT:  Putin period is best country’s had in 100 years, according to 1 in 3 Russians)

Putin is the best since the Bolshevik Revolution.

Fuckin' hell, mates.  There is no better recommendation than that.

Cadillac Man often remarks about how it's such crap to live in Russia and what an awful place but you could easily find a third of Americans to say life here is the best it's ever been, just as Russians are saying over there; that aspect looks about even.

Somewhat less than a third of Russians think life was better in the Soviet Russia they lost after Gorbachev.  These ones may well correspond to disenfranchised union workers in America and you could easily find a third of Americans, well, maybe who will say America was strong when unions were strong but is fading now because (fill in your favorite).

Presumably life sucks rocks for the bottom third but that's true in America as well and I can readily attest to that.

Fair dinkum, mates, it looks like a tie here at the Rockhouse for which country has the highest or lowest It Just Sucks Factor.

Meanwhile in the land of Guy Fawkes, we have a country which is typically regarded as a welfare wonderland with birth-to-death free stuff ... but ... they're going hard conservative.  (RT:  Working class voters prefer UKIP & Tories over Labour, polls suggest)

Refer to your handy Sociology 101 text for getting the disenfranchised poor to start goose-stepping.  You do feel the love of country, don't you?  Step lively there.

And then there's Bill O'Reilly.  He's made a career out of being gratuitously unpleasant but everyone needs a schtick; it's just surprising that one pays so much.

Right now he's glowing in more self-satisfied, self-righteousness than he may have ever managed previously when he advises us on the lack of truth in media.  (Fox:  Bill O'Reilly: A stunning display of dishonesty from the national press and radical left)

In case you wonder how his show got so much attention in a news column, he wrote it himself.

He knows the gambit since he's got truth with this one insofar as the reporting regarding deportations of Mexicans is substantively different with Trump than with Obama.  In playing his position hard on this one, it camouflages the many times he's steamed the wallpaper from the studio with his blistering bullshit.  His manic Russophobia over years gives plenty of examples of that.

He owns this one because CNN has been stuffing itself with cow brains and only Germans know how to really cook them.

Ed:  how?

With eggs, Hungry Man.  Scramble some eggs up with your cow brains for a delicious morning repast.

Ed:  are you serious?

That's what I hear.  NFW am I eating that crap.  (Bartleby:  Scrambled Eggs with Calf’s Brains)

So CNN just moos on command from the Clinton Cash Register in the Sky and that wouldn't be much of a deal except their news is heavily-poisoned by all the distortion.  The more CNN does it, the more it gives Fox and others a cover to do the same thing and reporting languishes behind professional bullshit artists.

Ed:  like O'Reilly?

Definitely like O'Reilly ... but in this case he's right.

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