Thursday, February 16, 2017

Every Picture Tells a Story, Story

Nothing is known about the photograph so here are some guesses.

- It looks like early Fifties, judging by the lengths of the dresses.

- The couple in the back appears to have a plan and they're on the way to something.

- No-one is really well-dressed but all dress smartly.

- Casanova is putting a heavy woo on his Dream Date and is probably drunked-up at least somewhat to be coming on that hard in broad daylight.

- Dream Date doesn't seem to mind Casanova terribly but what does she think of the photographer since she doesn't seem too pleased by that presence.

- Those stairs must lead down to a subway since we can see people eating at this level of the restaurant behind them.

- It must be a relatively classy place judging by the chandeliers but the neon DINNER sign says something else.

- There's a much lower evident standard of income in that time but it's not enough information to really get how the time was.

Whoa, they're wearing 'frocks,' aren't they.  I remember my ol' Mother using that word but it's hardly ever heard now.

Ed:  that's because yer mammy ain't there

Thanks for that observation, Bounty Hunter, but I never even see the word written.  That one seems to have poofed.

Ed:  so what?

No particular reason.  I just noticed that.  There's much flummery when a word enters the language but not when it evaporates.  First the word falls into disuse and then, the ultimate insult, to be dismissed from the dictionary.

Ed:  but is it art, damn it?

How the hell should I know.  I see the pic and it asks questions so I wonder.

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