Saturday, August 12, 2017

Playing Judge God for a Day with Keishanna Thomas

Disclaimer:  this is one horribly damaged woman and forgiveness is not likely.  We get that but we still have plenty of room for Judge God.  Let's cast Sylvester Stallone for the part since he was Judge Dredd.

Keishanna Thomas croaked her kid and put her in a freezer.  The child was young and unaffectedly adorable but there's no need to run the picture since that would only play on hating her which is probably already there anyway.  I must mention, tho, the kid was about six and a happy and sweet looking child.  I know that loads things more toward hating her mother but, dayum, the kid looked like a blessing.

Judge God:  we ain't talkin' about hatin' her.  We're talkin' about judgin' her.

Well said, Sly (cough).

We need the punchline on the top since she was sentenced to sixty-five years for the crime.  (Fox News:  Mother of girl found dead in freezer gets 65 years)

The Rockhouse does not give a fuck if Ms Thomas was abused as a child, beaten by some Dagwood, or otherwise had some aspect of her life which sucked.  Your life is supposed to suck and those cops probably worry about how they will make car payments.

Ed:  trouble with car payments?  Is this supposed to be fiction?

No cop editorials since we want to stick with Judge God to make his ruling because we think the sentence is bullshit.

Judge God:  this is America and the sentence for murder is whatever I want it to be.  It's the law.

I tell you what, Sly, it doesn't sound like much of a law when it's all over the place like kids playing Twister only with lives instead of to cop sneaky feels.

There's no standard, mates.  It doesn't appear there's anything even close to one.  We're willing to consider mitigating circumstances but not without a foundation.  There's the caution regarding lack of flexibility since that resulted in the life destroying three strikes and you're out law.

Some of you want her smoked and it's over.  That's unacceptable to the Rockhouse since there's a whole world of difference between playing God and being one.

Maybe tank her with no parole and we can accept that but not without a standard.  Is this what everyone gets for murder?  Right now it's not and we can consider mitigating circumstances after but right now we want a bleedin' standard and it ain't there.

After that we get to variable sentences and we can go with longer for killing a kid since what's more reprehensible and probably there's something but we don't want to know.

Keishanna Thomas is a bad, bad woman, no doubt, but even she deserves a fair sentence.  Here at the Rockhouse, we believe the right to a fair trial includes the right to a fair sentence.

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