Sunday, August 13, 2017

Missed the Ringer Dinger this Evening, Cadillac Man, Plus Some Cats ... and Rats

Around 7pm Cowboy Time (8pm Eastern) I'm usually headed for the vapors since I'm mostly on the reverse of Vampire Time and I'm crashing as soon as the Sun goes down.  I heard some ringer dinger noise but it was off in the distance as I was fading out.

There's some important new business since there's the question of whether Ronald Reagan was the most destructive to America of any other American President.  I do believe there's a strong case to be made for that in the conversion of the Mujahadeen to the Taliban under his sponsorship (via the CIA).  There were multiple other failures attributable to Reagan and that one was arguably the worst.

Possible contenders

There's Dwight Eisenhower whom I generally regard highly due to his moderatism but he owns the attack on Iran to install the Shah and we have enjoyed almost seventy years of chaos in the Middle East and the world because of that one.  However, Eisenhower has some offsets since he did do good things for the country as with the Interstate highway system whereas Reagan didn't build anything except more weapons which exemplified exactly the problem Eisenhower had forecast.

My other case is with Harry Truman first for authorizing the CIA and second for the start of aboveground nuclear testing, both of which resulted in unmitigated nightmares for America and he started both of them.

The question I perceive is whether there are any other candidate Presidents who have caused so much harm and done so much damage.

There's also some other new business which has nothing to do with Cadillac Man since I don't think I have ever heard him mention a cat although he does love Frosty the Dog.

There's the Homegirl cat otherwise known as Kunita and abbreviated to Kuni but NFW am I using that name and particularly when anyone may overhear me.  There are some things for which I will accept some censorship and that word needs to disappear.  Kuni doesn't matter but the word it sounds like is categorically finished, particularly after Charlottesville.

Mostly I call the Homegirl the Little Cat anyway ... but that's also what I call the others except for the Grey Interloper.  For most of them I don't know their names so, wtf, they must be Little Cat oder kleine Katze auf Deutsch.

Ed:  are these German cats?

Nah, they're too damn lazy.  Nary a rat catcher in the lot of them.

Ed:  that's probably because of the Gigantic Texas Rats (Ithaka:  That's When "The Verdict" Popped into the Mix #Music #Rats #LSD-25)

They're cats; they're vicious, merciless killers; they can deal with it.

Ed:  but not these ones?

Nope.  Like I say, these are some lazy ass cats.

Ed:  did it not occur to you that feeding them reduces their incentive to catch rats?

Well, sure, but then if I don't feed them then I become the rat, see.

The reason for mention is Mississippi Orange and Kuni hate the Grey Interloper and won't share food with her.  Mississippi Orange will share with the Timid Grey and Kuni won't share with anyone ... so I started feeling sympathy for the Grey Interloper like she's a victim.

Ed:  the Grey Interloper is the one who ran off Gabriela, right?

Well, that's what the Rockhouse Kangaroo Court decided but that was with input from the CIA so you know the outcome was bullshit.

Ed:  you think the Clintons barbecued and ate Gabriela?

Our investigators are on that now.  We expect a report from Jake Krapper any minute now.

Ed:  has it occurred to you maybe deferring blowing a joint until after feeding the critters might be a better choice?

Nah since then it's just a matter of feeding the critters but blowin' a joint makes it a melodrama.  All we need now is a few Russian spies.

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