Saturday, August 12, 2017

That's When "The Verdict" Popped into the Mix #Music #Rats #LSD-25

The moment comes and I grab it or who knows when it comes next so then "The Verdict" happened.

Ride the Dragon podcast:  "The Verdict" Silas today

It's just a few chords so I can wail on top of them but that's what I wanted.  I was getting a vibe maybe of crying in the wind toward the end so that had to be followed with some pithy statement.

Herewith, the pithy statement:

When the Verdict comes
there's not much to say
just pick up the axe
and just fuckin' play

- Colonel Arbuthnot Jones aka Silas Scarborough

The speaking gives away the situation but I do believe the Regulars are already aware there's a situation.

Earlier I discovered I am Meth, Destroyer of Rednecks ... or at least I'm Seth, Destroyer of Rats.

There was all kinds of noise coming from the kitchen and so much so that I went out there to see if Yevette was up early.  There was no sign of Yevette but there were many signs coming from where she set the last trap.

The problem was the trap had been sprung but the rat remained in a non-whacked status.  The problem wasn't that it was a little mousetrap which couldn't get it done since this thing was a big ol' Texas Rat Whacker and it still didn't kill this monster.

This was seriously one big fuckin' rat and I wasn't going to do anything except let it expire as it will but it seemed it might get out of the thing plus it was making these almost piteous rat noises.

Zen Yogi:  you whacked the fuckin' rat?

I did, Yogi.  Now I'm cursed for a thousand centuries for this heinous rat murder.

Zen Yogi:  you're cursed for murder of a big fuckin' rat?

Sure since I put my foot on the trap until he stopped making any noise.  I could see his fuckin' rat face and I croaked him.  I'm so ashamed, Yogi.

Zen Yogi:  I see the shame when you make a joke out of it, Silas

Well, some shame.   However, Yevette said the damn thing was ten inches long.

Zen Yogi:  she should call Aerosmith

Ref:  Steve Tyler and his Big Ten Inch.

Nostalgic Guilt from the Past

I remember a mousetrap going off at Hosea while a number of us were trippin'.  All it takes is one magic tablet of LSD-25 to let you, too, be guilty of every Mouse Murder in the world.  How's that trippin' workin' out for you, Captain Fantastic?

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