Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Correction to Car Sales Statistics Since Clinton

From this chart, we clearly see how car sales had collapsed during the last half of the Reagan administration and continuing into the Bush administration.  Sales rose steadily through the Clinton administration and stayed flat during the next Bush administration only to collapse yet again at the end of it.  Car sales rose again during Obama's administration and stayed flat during Trump's early days but have been going down since.  Apparently they're looking for a trifecta.

Note 1:  there is no distinction between Republicans and Democrats at the Rockhouse since neither party has the morality, empathy, or evidence of human compassion present in the average cinder block.

Note 2:  a chart was presented previously which had quite different information in it but we're not surprised since it comes from American merchants and there are two things we know about merchants:  they're never honest and they always lie.  Therefore, this chart may be utter rubbish too but it doesn't matter since it's not the final objective.  In any case, this one comes from the Bureau of Economic Statistics and there are two things we know about governments:  they're never honest and they always lie.

On the surface, the chart is a cheerleader for Democrats since we see how car sales tanked with two Republican administrations and rose with two Democrats.  However, the chart gives no indication of how many of those cars were imported and that's the real interest since the consideration is regarding jobs and not how much more heartless the country has become.

As noted above, there's no difference between the parties except Democrats pretend they're empathic and Republicans don't give a fuck.  Behind that smokescreen, both behave the same.  The tax rates never changed tremendously with either party after Reagan's slashing and both are equally enthusiastic about starting wars although Hillary Clinton was the most fall-to-the-floor horrifying in that regard.  If the Gulf of Tonkin had needed a floozy on a dance pole to celebrate, she would have been the one.  Clinton could have been LBJ's Monica Lewinsky.

There was some searching earlier for a correlation between car sales and imports but I did not find anything satisfactory and finally abandoned it since the only expectation of such information is someone would learn from it.  However, as we have seen, they didn't even read "Lord of the Flies" so it's apparently never been their habit to do the required reading for much of anything.

Besides, it's not the cars which are killing capitalism but rather the cities which already did.  The levels of car manufacture show the Capitalist Disneyland with the premise unlimited production is holy.  However, unlimited production doesn't work worth a damn with a finite resource and the cities are gridlocked as a result of it.  Behold the American vision and it won't take binoculars to appreciate the scope of it.

The cities are already dead because ...

  • Expand city water systems for distribution and sewer services
  • Expand subway systems
  • Implement intelligent bus / tram systems
  • Develop of high-speed rail

America hasn't done any of that.  Moreover, it can't for the water systems without bringing the cities to standstills for years.  They're obsolete and they're fucked (shrug).

This shouldn't be any surprise.  (  Planners know depressingly little about a city's impacts on our mental health)

Even if the planners ever come up with something besides expensive parks and actually do something useful but difficult like replacing sewer infrastructure, the government won't pay for it.

Das neue Reich ist immer klar,
ist immer böse und niemals fair

- Das Oberst


The new kingdom is always clear
it's always angry and never fair


Anonymous said...

Yes you are right the economy is terrible. Enjoy your economic demise. And I will live in my capatilistic fantasy world which is thriving.
In this fantasy economy, I just placed two felony clients in $18 per entry construction jobs.
Amazon is attempting to hire 50k warehouse employees today at all their fulfillment centers.
All these jobs are entry level at twice the minimum wage. So this couple will gross $60k a year straight out of rehab. They will but two used cars on the next several months. Furnish the apartment that they now qualify for and furnish it at secondhand stores in order to pay cash and stay out of debt.
Two years ago I had trouble placing clients at $7.25 an hour.
We were looking for an old motel to use as a half way house but unfortunately those that were on the market last year are now sold and in the process of being remodeled.
So you economy might be dismal but theirs is looking great. And they have a very good chance of succeeding.
I told them to Dream Big it might just happen.
They are

Cadillac Man said...

I would agree that car sales are not killing capitalism. I would not agree that capitalism is on the decline. Expansion of capitalism since World War II seems to have brought prosperity and expanded the middle class in countries like: West Germany, Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore among others. Economies since World War II under government controlled economies that have failed to prosper and shown little or no expansion of the middle class are: Russia, East Germany (under Russian control), North Korea, China (before moving to a restricted capitalistic economic model while retaining a modified communistic government).

You are correct that capitalism without controls can lead to economic decline. Captialism does require some government control and regulation to provide a level playing field. There has to be a balance between encouraging entrepreneurs while limiting abuse. An example, was the recent lack of economic controls on banks that were eased or eliminated under the Clinton and Bush administrations. This led to the economic panic that is clearly shown in both sets of car statistics for the year 2009.

The Obama administration brought economic assistance and government control to the car industry while the Republicans opposed it. The assistance was to preserve jobs while the controls were to eliminate abuses that led to the panic. Had the assistance not been given GM and Chrysler would likely have gone under. This would have caused hundreds of thousands of more jobs to be lost in the industry. In addition, the precipitous rise of car sales (helped by incentives to trade in old junkers) would not have occurred.

Strict controls placed on the financial industry by the Obama administration also prevented its collapse. This was once again opposed by the Republicans. The collapse of Lehman Brothers under the Bush administration would have been followed by many other financial institutions had this not been done. The current Republican administration along with those of the time believed unregulated capitalism would ultimately correct itself. The Hoover Administration believed this economic theory also. The country went from recession to depression using this theory until FDR instituted the New Deal that gradually brought the country out of the depression.

There is a correlation between the economic situation that FDR inherited from the Hoover Administration and what Obama inherited from the Bush Administration. In both cases, laissez-faire economics failed to place the government regulations necessary to guide capitalism. This led to the near collapse of the system. In both cases, proper government regulation allowed our economy to again grow and prosper.

As the car statistics you present show we are currently benefiting from these actions. As you also point out there is more that could have and can be done regarding the infrastructure. The current administration has promised to make this a priority. However, there seems to be no more action here during the first six months than under the last eight years of the Obama administration.

Peas InOurThyme said...

Anonymous, you have an extraordinary ability to create a Disneyland while ignoring the suffering of millions much of which was caused by America.

CM, it's not that capitalism is in decline. Capitalism is impossible. You saw the list of things America doesn't do to cities and I'm sure you see it has no willingness to start.

Obama did patch up some roads during his term and the result was the same: incredibly congested highways. America doesn't try to fix the problem and instead plays patty cake with it.

Anonymous said...

My Disneyland is a creation of the economy. I agree at 4% there are some 12 million unemployed people.. But you refuse to see that 6 years ago that rate was 9% So there are 15 million people that are employed today that weren't 6 years ago.
You dismiss Amazon hiring of 50k as if it were nothing. I have given multiple examples of people going from rehab as addicts to self sufficient because on the economic growth that are are enjoying.
I have absolutely no problem placing clients in decent paying jobs that they can survive on. A situation that I could not do easily just two years ago.
So you can downplay the economy of you wish and throw any statistics that you choose but the reality is I can place clients on positions today that were considered that very last people hired by employers with ease today
Nashville has almost finished exoanding all of its major arteries during the last 15 years to eliminate most of the traffic issues outside of peak hours but us still expanding those arteries. So I am thankful for the Federal dollars that funded most of it.
So even with 200 people a day moving into the area traffic is not horrendous as the very large metro areas is good in Disneyland even for the lowest on the ladder