Wednesday, August 2, 2017

CIA Angles for American War No. 6 in Venezuela

Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea are the existing five and America started or is trying to start all of them.  Venezuela has been getting harassed by America for years but the CIA has been fomenting dissent in the country for some while and now Washington is setting up for the kill shot.  (RT:   US Treasury sanctions Venezuelan president Maduro)

You have probably have seen various hoodlum headlines about a sham election in Venezuela but all of them have conveniently omitted the fact more people turned out to vote in the election than in the last US midterms.  Moreover, America has been screaming like a goddamn wounded virgin over mythical interference in the US election and has immediately turned about to interfere in Venezuela.

It's nothing but sophomoric hypocrisy plated in fool's gold.

Maduro is a Leftist President but so was Salvador Allende and the CIA had no compunction against whacking him in 1973.  As we see in Venezuela, they still don't.  There's no chance of ameliorating America's malevolence without annihilating the CIA and NSA first.

In the wildly remote chance you're actually interested in America's depraved behavior overseas, Abby Martin has the straight story on Venezuela and she's been down there or shuttling back and forth for weeks.

Typically this type of information is dismissed as America bashing but that's only by those who lack the fortitude to see the despicable things the country is doing.  And don't worry paying for it since we'll just throw a few more million off medical insurance.

America was once bound for greatness but now it's not bound for anything.  The only goal of any kind we have heard was for some Ray Bradbury Space Force on Mars.  Congratulations as the White House was taken over by Comic-Con.

They're nothing but a deck of cards.

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