Saturday, August 12, 2017

CNN Whitewashes American NAZIs in Virginia

CNN typically only whitewashes Hillary Clinton, Centrist Democrats, and the CIA but now they're increasing their scope to include even more of the most despicable people in the country.  They're steadily euphemizing the worst savages in the country.

CNN:  Torch-bearing white nationalists march ahead of alt-right rally

They were giving NAZI salutes as they walked about so deal with it ... they're fuckin' NAZIs.  Alt-Right, my dyin' ass ... that just gave them a cover to get even bigger.

The key to propaganda is anyone under twenty has not seen your smarmy pseudo-journalistic bullshit before and calling them white nationalists will look normal.  Another example of that was Clinton with that damnable expression of alt-right which was an even weaker encapsulation of these vile dregs of humanity.  That cowardly woman never faced anything straight-up and especially not that which only let the situation get worse.

These are the cowards, the KKK, the NAZIs, every kind of chickenshit nightrider there ever was.  They have bombed churches even with women and children in them in the South and nothing has ever been revealed which was so ghastly they would not do it.

Perhaps you recall a story from several days in which some members of the American Master Race were distributing documents in helpful support of the American NAZI Family Plan which gives guidance on raising NAZI children.  The same people were packing a shitload of guns and were selling meth.

That these animals further disgrace themselves by describing them as proponents of the work of Thomas Jefferson is even more insulting.  They're nothing more than strolling street mob of hatred and death.

And one for CM who certainly knows the NAZI Party enjoyed a great deal of support in America prior to WWII.

Apparently it still does.

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