Monday, February 6, 2017

How Do You Like Opals

For me there doesn't have to be any other gem or precious metal after the opal since nothing else gives such a mystical array of colors.

You can find a number of famous opals at Opals Down Under: FAMOUS OPALS

Opals Down Under offers opals for sale and they're expensive; who can even imagine what the one pictured above might cost.

Ed:  they're not for owning; they're for looking at

That's how the Rockhouse has always done it.

Here's one of the most famous opals, Aurora Australis:

This gem is quite large at about three inches across and it weighs 180 carats. 


Anonymous said...

Why cant you own opals? Is that sour grapes from the proletariat?
As for a price in the top stone, hard to tell size but at 2 carats which would be a nice ring size stone, I would put it at about $5000
due to its beautiful fire.
I am not an expert nor do I play one on TV but I do have quite a few dark opals as I agree they are the prettiest stones.

Peas InOurThyme said...

If I had a couple of grand to blow then maybe I could make the deal. I'm not sure what I wrote which might have made it seem like a class protest. I like them and they cost a lot are really my only observations. I also get off on the fact you can only get the best ones from Australia.

Anonymous said...

They are to look at not own. Opals are cool because you can acquire beautiful ones cheaply.
Diamonds are the ones I dont understand. Since the cartels artificially prop up the prices

Peas InOurThyme said...

Well, not for me to own (larfs).

It's the same perception here regarding diamonds: if you want sparkles, break a bottle and spray water on the result. All you need after that is some colored lights and you're ready for Vegas.

It's bugged me the same way about price controls on diamonds. With opals you know they cost a lot because they're hard to find.