Thursday, February 16, 2017

Aeroflot Named Best Airline in the World

My attitude has been fairly provincial in a general belief America fields the best and safest airlines in the world so it was surprising to hear of this rating for Aeroflot.  (RT:  Russia’s Aeroflot named world’s most powerful airline brand)

Here's one of the reasons:

Aeroflot’s safety standards are now among the best in the industry as the company replaced its aging fleet with new aircraft in the 2000s.  The Russian carrier, which had no significant accidents in the last 20 years, was also given six out of maximum seven stars in terms of safety by

- RT

My preference for flying Delta or American was because of the glib observation, well, they don't crash.  From this news, it appears Aeroflot doesn't crash either.

Sometimes Americans get defensive on receipt of information of that nature and may react with statements like, well, Aeroflot doesn't have to contend with all the traffic in US airspace.  Even if that's true, the question wasn't whether they're busy but rather whether they're safe.  I get highly selfish in an aircraft insofar as I don't much care about what the others are doing but I've got a high interest in the one in which I'm flying.

For me, this is great news since it doesn't make Delta or American any less but it does make Aeroflot more so it's appreciated.  Even in Moscow, I'll be able to catch a safe ride home.  Well.

For a Sixties kid to write that, the fingers almost rebel.  How can that even be fucking possible.  Once you get to Moscow, the next step is the Gulag, and there isn't anything worse than that.  We all know how that goes, right?

Yet now Moscow is a tourist destination.  Some aspects of the new world really are brave.

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