Friday, August 4, 2017

"Wonder Woman" Finally Delivers a Good Line

After Diana bounces a bad guy off a wall ...

Sameer: (watching)  I'm both frightened and aroused.

It took an hour to deliver it but a definite score.

On the latest stretch there's some actual action and Wonder Woman did a grand job of it along with a pile of CGI effects.  The Wachowski bullets seem to be de rigueur for everything since "The Matrix" so we're a little tired of CGI but, even so, the first battle scene was highly cool; it just took a good bit over an hour to get to it.

The Wachowski moves kept up for much of the rest of the movie and I get bored with that stuff after a while but lots of people want it.  The character development was somewhat deeper in its own way than most sci fi but I didn't see why some were calling it Oscar material.

There was even someone who said it made her cry and that was part of the reason I was reluctant to see it.  There's no crying in sci fi movies even when they're cartoons.

Many probably fell in love with Gal Gadot since she has more charisma than Rocket J. Squirrel and the entire Flying Circus.  She must lead a highly-disciplined life since she's young, married with two kids, and she's a huge hit in movies.  She is also nuts about high-power motorcycles.

Gal Gadot's real world (i.e. non-movie) motorcycle (displacement unknown).  She's one dangerous female and she's also served a term in the Israeli military.  That's kind of hair-raising for the mother of two babies.

She must take incredible care of herself to keep such a figure after two babies.

When she flashes that wall-to-wall Hollywood smile, I'm owned.

She's not the typical Hollywood sex bomb but I suspect people are extremely tired with Hollywood sex bombs.  What's "Baywatch" doing and who the hell cares.

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