Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Advent of the Baby Bump Marked the Nadir in American Literacy

When pregnancy became too real, the Thinkers of the New Age determined it would be much more politically correct to refer ever so delicately to that apparently awful circumstance of pregnancy as a baby bump.  Why not, after all, since the possibility it's a malignant cyst surely adds joy to any infant's gestation.

However, it doesn't fool the baby so they must know they're considered disgusting as the parents float yet another passenger for their neurotic ship of fools.  (Science Daily:  Infants know what we like best)

Meanwhile, Queen Victoria laughs her ass off at the modern-day prudes who show no apparent ability to deal with any aspect of reality.

Baby bump came because the Brit word for it, preggers, just wasn't twee enough for those precious little fuckers in this lackluster generation of ergates and addicts.  Their greatest dream is for the day they can say, "Man, I just got me a new car."

Their illiteracy must be similar to the frustration my ol' Mother felt since she read voluminously and had an astonishing vocabulary but she was surrounded by babbling crawlers all the time who typically only needed words for biological functions.  She was a large part of the drive in me to improve my vocabulary since it doesn't matter if anyone else knows what the word means so long as I get it to select the one most appropriate in whatever current context.

All of my sibs took after my ol' Mother but they didn't come close to matching her reading and it's their loss.  She didn't take to studying Chomsky but she knew of the expansion of awareness through the language and hers was so extensive she may have had the widest view of all.

For a large part of my life I sought to isolate myself from the Stupids and I was fairly good at it, in part because systems programmers don't get along with anyone but what's the point when their new Mustangs aren't that interesting and the owners aren't interested in anything else.  Women wouldn't work with us because the job is too hard so that left us free to dress like pigs and live like animals.  It was glorious.

Note:  Mustangs are now equipped with a Dickhead switch which can be used in suburban neighborhoods to muffle their irritating noise.  When they're in someone else's neighborhood and free to be Dickheads again, they can turn off the muffling effect.

Ignoring them doesn't work on Ithaka since I know a good many come but then avoid articles which conflict with any aspect of their artificial construct of a world.

Zen Yogi:  maybe they're just lazy?

That's functionally equivalent to stupid, Yogi.

Booboo:  is Silas an Alpha, Yogi?

I'm just a Beta, Booboo.  The Alphas are studying laminar flow and engineering to find ways to make the F-35 more expensive but they're asking themselves, "Why the fuck did I ever design this piece of shit for a human pilot?"

Booboo:  you would have done it better?

I wouldn't have done it at all.  The Socialist Left has principles and they don't permit selling our honor to Saudis.

Yevette gets wobbly on it sometimes since I said all of America should be prosecuted for war crimes and then nuked from space since it's the only way to be sure the contagion is gone.  She thought that was a bit much even though she does want Bush, Blair, Obama, and Clinton prosecuted for their war crimes.  However, that doesn't punish those who lauded them for committing those crimes or, as happens now, ignores them.  Trump isn't on that list but he will be soon.

Zen Yogi:  so nuke America from space?

It's the only way to be sure, Yogi.

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