Saturday, August 12, 2017

NAZI and KKK Gangs Glory in the Attention at #Charlottesville | They Need the Violence

NAZI / KKK gangs need the violence and they feed on it because it draws yet more sympathizers.  Their specific purpose is to provoke and they do this with the likely knowledge this time is the anniversary of the Watts Riots.

Hat tip, copper, and I wonder if you will tell me you're just doing your job but I bet you will even with all those racist gang members behind you saying all manner of vicious things.

You, sir, have major class.

Germany has one way to deal with NAZIs:  it arrests them.  Anything associated with Nazism is illegal.

In America, NAZI regalia is available for sale on eBay so where do you suppose we should look for at least one part of the problem.

We have never heard of the KKK, American NAZI Party, or any of these called gangs and you know why already because they're fuckin' white boys.  Look for it in your own search and have you ever heard anyone refer to the KKK as a gang and likewise with the American NAZI Party.

It should be possible to prosecute any of these outfits under RICO and their organized crime is sedition.  I have never heard of anyone suggesting that either.

This bullshit will continue for as long as America puts up with that filth as it continues creating a global embarrassment in its racist disgrace.

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