Saturday, August 5, 2017

Congratulations to Missouri on the Travel Advisory Regarding that State

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has put out an alert for people of color traveling to Missouri because of the state’s discriminatory policies and racist attacks.
“The NAACP Travel Advisory for the state of Missouri, effective through August 28th, 2017, calls for African American travelers, visitors and Missourians to pay special attention and exercise extreme caution when traveling throughout the state given the series of questionable, race-based incidents occurring statewide recently, and noted therein,” the group’s statement reads.

RT:  ‘Exercise extreme caution’: Civil rights group issues travel warning for Missouri

That's impressive since we frequently hear reports of bad cops but this is the first time an entire state was declared bad but there will probably be more since America's Midwest only produces two things:  corn and racists.  However, the South gave America the KKK (Tennessee) and that's a racist gift that just keeps on giving to this day.

Note:  there's also racism regarding how Obama is treated like Mother Teresa went to Harvard and patent bullshit of that nature isn't doing anything to help rational dialog.  That kind of dialog will never happen in states like Missouri but it also never happened with the Clintons or Obama.  All they have ever done is prevented it or, at best, given it lip service.

The American Midwest isn't so much a place to go but rather a place to traverse on the way to somewhere else.  In large part, its only purpose is to keep Washington and L.A. apart.  The only good thing ever to come out of the Midwest was Johnny Carson (Iowa) but he croaked and America wound up with Jimmy Fallon who doesn't even amount to a hair on Carson's toupee.

My own reason for loathing Missouri is Fort Leonard Wood which is maybe fifty miles from Saint Louis.  There's no more miserable block of frozen misery anywhere short of the Arctic Circle.  Welcome to the Army, draftee.  Now your life is fucked beyond all imagination but, hey, what did you think would happen.  Welcome to America.  (I wasn't a citizen as this was when America drafted immigrants.  America fooled me since now even the citizens don't go.)

A few states away is Louisiana, another of America's most racist shitholes and it's the home of Fort Polk which is otherwise known as Tigerland for simulation of jungle-fighting in Vietnam.  It was also only a few miles from Leesville, home to the cheapest and sluttiest camp followers outside of Saigon.  Welcome to free enterprise.

Tip:  consider dropping acid and going to Leesville since, WTF, I did (1971).  That's when we resolved it's all just a movie and there hasn't been a reason to change that view since.

Driving around Missouri may not help much since to the state's South is Arkansas, proud home of the Arkansas donkey fucker but he wasn't gay since he only fucked female donkeys.  A farmer knew something was up with his donkeys but couldn't determine what it was so he installed an outdoor surveillance camera.

The camera caught the donkey fucker but it didn't reveal who he was.  That happened again the following night so we conclude it wasn't a simple perversion since he must really real like it.  However, the farmer still couldn't identify him.  On the third night, the farmer summoned cops and they caught him in the act.

Although it's tempting to write the dialog which took place at that moment, I'll defer due to a momentary blast of taste which always fucks up any good idea.  In any case, the story is true but knock your own self out on finding the citation since I'm not willing to receive it again.

Driving even more South doesn't gain anything either since that just takes you to Louisiana which is easily one of the worst.  Those no-talent toilet cleaners busted Willie Nelson's tour bus in case there was a big shipment of drugs on it.  Yah, Willie Nelson.

Louisiana is also home to Angola, probably the worst prison in the country and so bad it's even been featured in movies (e.g. "Cool Hand Luke" with Paul Newman).

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