Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sunday Must Mean Inexplicable Church Signs with Zen Yogi

Southside Church of Christ, Hemphill Street, Fort Worth

It's not the purpose to mock religion but it's the definite purpose to mock the sign.  We see this church on the way to and from VA each time and there's been a series of wacky signs but this one is a prizewinner.

WTF is this to live is Christ?  In my estimable study of Scriptures, I was able to discern that Jesus did, in fact, die and the faith is he rose up again.  He may be living somewhere but it sure as hell isn't here except in a spiritual sense.

Coming up dead empty at the Rockhouse on what that part is supposed to mean.

WTF is this about to die is gain.  In my estimable study of life, I've observed the deaders don't gain anything except a box.  The faith is their souls went up to Heaven and we seriously don't get what purpose the box is supposed to serve but that's a different story.

The idea of that as a gain has a connotation of acquisition and that's just plain distasteful.  I went to Heaven and I got this cool fuckin' T-shirt, man.


Zen Yogi:  it would insult you if I said it again so let's go straight to the fried chicken

Said what, Yogi?

Zen Yogi:  the Now is the Heaven and the Heaven is the Now

See, now you sound like that infernal church sign.

Zen Yogi:  I told you it would piss you off.  Wanna go looking for pic-a-nic baskets?

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