Thursday, October 12, 2017

Redistributing Harvey Weinstein's Contributions to DNC and Hillary Clinton

The Democratic National Committee will redistribute thousands of dollars of donations from Hollywood titan Harvey Weinstein to several women’s groups aligned with Democrats after reports Weinstein has settled sexual harassment lawsuits with a number of women over the years.

Fox News:  DNC to redistribute Harvey Weinstein donations to feminist groups

Hillary Clinton said in an interview with CNN on Wednesday that she will donate the money Harvey Weinstein contributed to her political campaigns after multiple sexual assault allegations were leveled against the powerful Hollywood mogul.

CNN:  Exclusive: Clinton 'sick,' 'shocked' and 'appalled' by Weinstein allegations

Clinton and the DNC seem to have admirable aspirations but we have one tiny question.  How is it Clinton and the DNC still have the money almost a year after the 2016 election when the contributions were specifically to get Clinton elected.

I know you have no use for the staggering duplicity of those people but they just don't go away and Democrats take a beating because of their outrages.  We're not accountable for the things they do since they're not and never were the Democrats of the People and have more resembled Republicans in their devotion to Big Med / Big Pharma.  Whether Republicans are right or wrong about that is not the point as the position is the province of the Republicans and specifically not Democrats.

Zen Yogi:  Democrats are people like Teddy Kennedy and Howard Metzenbaum, neither of whom ever supported Big Med

Exactly right, Yogi.  Both of them were filthy rich but maybe that kept them honest about it.

Zen Yogi:  that's not likely the reason, Silas, since Hillary Clinton is filthy rich but it didn't keep her honest.

Diane Feinstein actually considers running for a sixth term and, laughably, as a Democrat yet she has her hand out to Big Med / Big Pharma every time they shake the cookie jar and money starts falling from it.  (Fox News:  Liberal angst toward Feinstein threatens to divide California Dems)

Feinstein isn't roiling anyone.  We're just fed the fuck up with being insulted by she, Clinton, and the DNC in general.

No-one needs an extended rant on the matter and especially you.  That works for me since I don't particularly want to write one.  The reason for the observation comes from back at the top.  How is it those people still have the contributions to the election campaign?

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