Wednesday, October 11, 2017

#Photography for the Unusual: Katakolo, Greece 10/12

Cruise ships at port in Katakolo with room for at least three more in this tiny little town.

Such a marvelous spectacle began when they came to port.

The scooter / bike shop in Pyrgos where I sometimes took Haximoto.  My command of Greek was still inadequate and the people in the shop spoke little English so it made for a comedy every time when I visited.

Pontikastro or Mouse Castle

It looked over the KASTRO BAR a couple of kilometers outside Katakolo and so you see the name of the bar had nothing to do with politics and instead is about this crumbling castle.

From the standpoint of Pontikastro, the KASTRO BAR is below in the trees and it looks out over the bay.  Of any place to hang out in Katakolo, the KASTRO BAR was my favorite.

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