Thursday, October 12, 2017

It Started in Reaffirming the Meaning of Nosegay

Nosegay has been live in the language since medieval times but that which was clear five hundred years ago isn't so clear now.  The meaning is simple and the word should be taken literally since the nosegay is something which makes the nose happy and gay.

Zen Yogi:  but you always forget

That I do, Yogi, so that started the foray to confirm again what it means.

Queen Elizabeth II (centre, in blue) and Prince Philip hold nosegays by Rosemary Hughes as they leave Wakefield Cathedral after the 2005 Royal Maundy

Note:  it's novel that they thought Queen Elizabeth needed to be identified in the picture.

Zen Yogi:  so this got you wondering about a Royal Maundy?

That's what happened, Yogi.  (WIKI:  Royal Maundy)

The Royal Maundy is another concept which goes back to Medieval times and it's a bit complicated to review the entirety of it but part of it involves royalty giving away Maundy money to the poor and that tradition has continued throughout.

A set of George III Maundy money dated 1818, the obverse of which bear a 1817 design by Benedetto Pistrucci; the reverse design was first introduced in 1688, designer uncertain, but possibly the medallist George Bower.


The importance of this to Queen Elizabeth is shown in the fact she has only missed four of these events during her entire long reign.  Maybe that's perceived as Brits being locked into their traditions but I see a conscious effort by royalty to make real contact with the people.

It reminds me of when Queen Elizabeth would give her Christmas talk which was a fireplace chat but it was beautiful and I felt like she was talking directly to me.  I was just a kid at six or seven years old but I felt it so much.  There is no power to command her subjects anymore but she could do this and I found it tremendously effective.  From that I conclude it's much more than just tradition and sentiment driving this and also the Royal Maundy.

Zen Yogi:  will you remember what nosegay means now?

Probably not, my furry buddy, but looking for it did turn up some interesting items.

Zen Yogi:  which you will probably also forget?

That's most likely so, Yogi.

Zen Yogi:  but looking them up in the future will be interesting all over again

There's the bright side, mate.  (starts humming "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" from Monty Python)

Zen Yogi:  you just couldn't resist?

Nope, couldn't do it, mate.

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