Thursday, October 12, 2017

No Sign of Tipperary on the Trail to the #Blotto

Disclaimer: this is straight-up writing of active lung cancer in me but nothing in the #Blotto set of articles has been written with thoughts of trying to shock or disturb.  I am using in-home hospice and that's the best circumstance I could hope relative to being in a hospice clinic or, worst of all, to be admitted into a hospital.

Erected in Tipperary, a small town in Ireland

"It's a Long, Long Way to Tipperary" was a favorite with troops in WWI since it wasn't singing of glory and killing lots of people for King and country.  Instead it sang of their longing to get back home and it became a timeless favorite as a result.  It's remembered even today and most probably don't know where it is but we know the feeling of wanting to get there.

There's been no sign of Tipperary on the Trail to the #Blotto and the situation has been generally fucked.  One of the most egregious aspects is my guttywuts hate me and they're not even supposed to be involved.  Any description beyond that just goes to woe, woe, woe is me and that will get everyone heaving instead of just me.

I don't know or really care what that status quo may mean since existence is purely at the level of one day at a time.

Zen Yogi:  that's the Zen of it, Silas

There's no need to get clever with this but you're right and that's true.  If it's not in the Now then it probably doesn't matter much.

In the face of a completely fucked-up situation, the imperative toward finding any goodness becomes all the more important.  The immediate answer to that is the One Here Who Prefers to Remain Nameless but she has been such an uncomplaining ace and I would be right up a gum tree without her help.

Note:  the state of being up a gum tree is Australian slang for being completely screwed.

There's more goodness of a more tangible nature since the Do It, Do It audio system should arrive tomorrow and that will solve so many problems for both of us.  Yevette sees it really is dangerous going back to toggle the main speaker monitors.  I've been saying for years it's dangerous back here but I don't think people took it all that seriously.  However, once you walk it yourself you realize, who, no matter which direction I fall it's really going to hurt.

After it got to the point I couldn't do the toggling anymore, Yevette took it over and without a complaint but it's a bitch and I appreciate her doing it.  The Do It, Do It kit will remove the need for that and goodness all 'round comes from that.

Plus it will eliminate that godawful buzzing.  Chasing ground loops wasn't usually terribly difficult in times past but no more of that and the Do It, Do It kit will eliminate the problem altogether.

Zen Yogi:  meaning you can fall asleep without turning it off?

You bet, brother bear.

Here's some late-breaking exceptional goodness since I found the way to set this chair to precisely the position I want and stay there.  The chair has many knobs and this combination works just right.  That seems a simple comfort thing but any rocking motion is not so good and that is definitely fixed.  Yahoo.

Zen Yogi:  because movement is abrasion?

Yah and that sucks so this is the end of it.

There's some really twisted goodness which comes in the movie "Starship Troopers."  I first read the book as a kid since, wtf, Robert Heinlein wrote it and that automatically put it on my required reading list.

When you hear of me reading such things as a kid, some will think I'm some looney wanker and it's true that I am but I was far from the only one doing it.  Heinlein's sci fi novels were received maybe like the novels about the Wild West which were read by kids in the East who never saw cowboys.  Just like those, Heinlein's novels were exciting and so we wanted more of them.  Fortunately so did our fathers since they paid for them.

The attraction of the movie version of the book is in part from the excitement since it has the most ridiculously intense combat scenes with creatures which appear to be close to impossible.  There are no cheesy sword fights with fire-breathing monsters which make dragons seem like chorus girls.

Through all of the story is a prevailing totalitarian / fascist society and I have been mixed as to whether that view of the society was part of Heinlein's prescient vision of the future which we see unfolding in multiple ways on the modern canvas.  Here's a view endorsing the idea it was a satire from the first word in terms of don't let this happen to you.  (News:  Starship Troopers at 20: the misunderstood satire that predicted fake news)

Rockhouse hat tip to the author, Joel Draba-Mann, since the goodness of that view is much better than the idea of any prescient vision to show we will fall into a pit and be eaten by a grue.

Ref:  ADVENTUR game in Colossal Cave by Willie Crowther.

Much love to you all.

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