Tuesday, April 18, 2017

What's Hot on the Blog 4/18


Follow - if there's tear gas, Marine Le Pen is probably around somewhere

Some Watch - thoughts on the observation of garbage trucks and the funny part is it seems you thought that was interesting although it was slow starting

Boot - even Macintosh geeks get a tingle out of this since the site does time traveling like Mister Peabody

The Pussy Hat - it's the answer ... even if you don't know the question ... fashion is my life

After Tanking - they made her do it.  The bastards me her do it.  Damn them!  There's one hell of an echo around the world lately.  It wasn't my fucking fault.  It was them.  The bastards.

The Mysteries - so why don't like chickens like to eat cheese?

Britain - the DNA of Jesus ... oh yeah, this tops Piltdown Man by miles for Class A hoaxes

If You Think - just be glad you can because computer thinking improvement software doesn't do one damn thing - science

Japanese Artist - the ingenuity behind this one was boggling, buggling, fuggling - pea soup ... London ... lots of dead people ... I get it ... That's really quite funny, isn't it

The Mad Dog - giving him a credit card and telling him to buy as many nukes as he wants was brilliant, really brilliant.  Welcome to Donald Trump's style of fiscal conservatism.

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