Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Japanese Artist Brings Pea Soup Fog to London

London, UK

People interact with the installation ‘London Fog (2017)‘ by Japanese artist Fujiko Nakaya at the Tate Modern

Photograph: Stefan Wermuth/Reuters

Well, isn't that bleedin' brilliant.  The Rockhouse really isn't sure how many died in those pea soup fogs but it was many since it was toxic smog created by the Industrial Revolution and burning coal for energy / heat.

Since this exhibit seems to have worked out, we're thinking we need one with a bunch of rats loaded with fleas carrying bubonic plague.  Enjoy the Black Death but think of it as art, man.  It's art, damn it.

Ed:  you're the one making toxic smog!

Not me, mate.  I'm not the one using a $150 fogger and calling myself Vincent van Gogh.

The artist gave a good simulation of that original pea soup fog since the only way to keep smoke hanging low as it does in the picture is by using oil-based fog juice.  It's toxic too.  Fog is great for Broadway productions but they stopped using the toxic variety years ago.

As every stoner is well aware, know your smoke.

Ed:  I guess you consider yourself a smoke master after all these years?

Fifteen or sixteen hundred people came to read it yesterday so the smoke does seem to be working, yes.

Ed:  smoke in what you write or smoke in how you write it?


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