Monday, April 17, 2017

Follow the Tear Gas to the Marine Le Pen Rally

When you're in France and smell tear gas, a Marine Le Pen rally probably isn't far away.  She's not the only reason the French police use tear gas but she's one of the most consistent.  (RT:  Tear gas & smoke grenades as police face off with protesters ahead of Le Pen rally (PHOTO, VIDEO))

Tear gas floats in the air during a protest, France April 17, 2017. © Philippe Wojazer / Reuters

Lotho thought I was being too extreme about the tear gas but the rally today took place within hours of the event featured yesterday with France celebrating the colors.  (Ithaka:  Headline: Event in France Does NOT Turn into a Riot)

These riots have become common and she's commonly a reason for them but she's not the only one.

Marine Le Pen is one of the most vilified women in the world but she delights in giving reason.  (Ithaka:  French Elections: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) | He Kills this One | Outstanding)

She hasn't outright denied the Holocaust exists as her father had done previously but she did say France had nothing to do with it and is apparently not aware of Vichy France.  (WIKI:  Vichy France)

Protests have erupted in Paris ahead of presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen’s campaign rally in the city. Smoke grenades have been thrown at riot police, with tear gas being fired in return. An RT correspondent was caught in the middle of the scuffles while covering the standoff.

Dozens of anti-National Front protesters have gathered at the Zenith concert hall in north-east Paris on Monday.

- RT

Marine Le Pen doesn't just attract mayhem, she manufactures it in large quantities.

It shouldn't be a surprise that FEMEN hates her.  (RT:  Marine Le Pen accosted as FEMEN protester storms stage (VIDEOS))

A tip o' the Rockhouse Pussy Hat to FEMEN.  That quivering blob of cellulite was speechless.

As John Oliver said, "France, please don't fuck up as we did in Britain and America.  Reject that pseudo-populist parasite and show the world again France invented modern democracy."

France was the home of Robespierre, one of the primary inspirations for the American Constitution, and do you seriously think Marine Le Pen is capable of writing anything more than graffiti with spray paint.  The only France Marine Le Pen represents is Vichy and Charles de Gaulle fought to rid France of people who disgrace the country in such a way.

Charles de Gaulle brought thirty years of growth to France but what does he know.


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