Monday, April 17, 2017

The Mad Dog Gears Up to Spend a Fuckload of Money on American Nukes

Donald Trump represents financial conservatism the same way Peewee Herman represents physics as in not at all.  The Mad Dog is reviewing how much he wants to spend on nuclear weapons because he apparently doesn't think Barack "Nuke 'em 'til They Glow" Obama spent enough on the new B-61 nuclear gravity bomb.  (RT:  Mattis orders reviews of US nuclear stockpile and policies)

Note:  gravity bomb is a cheesy new journo term for, well, a bomb.  It's not a smart bomb, it just makes a big bang.  Welcome to the glorious world of gravity bombs and they're inaccurate as hell but at least they make one hell of a mess.  A gravity bomb is like a smart bomb in much the same way as Donald Trump is like Stephen Hawking.

US Secretary of Defense James Mattis has ordered the military to start work on reviewing the US’s overall nuclear weapons policy document that will guide the Trump administration’s purchases, deployment and management of nuclear weapons.

"Today, Secretary Mattis directed the commencement of the review, [Nuclear Posture Review], which will be led by the deputy secretary of defense and the vice chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, and include interagency partners," Pentagon spokesperson Dana White said in a statement Monday.

"The process will culminate in a final report to the president by the end of the year."

- RT

Oh, yeah.  He's planning to spend a big pile of money.

It's ok, tho, since Ronald Reagan showed you don't have to pay it off.

It's strongly looking like Donald Trump is even more of a charlatan regarding fiscal conservatism than Ronald Reagan who, as you may recall, brought us the collapse of the S&L industry, among other disasters.  Ronald Reagan was much more facile in his ability to make the bullshit smell like a Dole pineapple factory but that was probably because he had such a nasty, shrewish wife.  Donald Trump has the hottest wife Washington ever saw and no way he has time for trying to shine the public relations; he's too busy trying to find baboon urine.  (Ithaka:  For the Best Internet Hoax of the Day, We Offer the Three-Week Erection)

Note:  the reason Reagan is called a charlatan is because he pretended he was fiscally-conservative but he lowered the tax rates so much there was no chance America would ever pay off its debt and, what do you know, it only got a whole lot worse.  What a shocker, huh?  There was no way to pay off the military build-up Reagan sponsored and it's never happened.

Besides, if Donald Trump really gave any kind of a fuck about public relations, do you seriously think he would have pissants like Sean Spicer or Kellyanne Conway speaking for him?  Neither of them has the brain of the average head of lettuce.

So here comes another charlatan to do even more damage than Reagan and imagine the joy joy feelings across America as Republicans come to realize more and more they got fucked just as hard by Trump as Democrats by Obama.

Ed:  he has great support!

Not from Democrats.  Liberals almost universally loathe Obama's incompetence and his falsity.

Ed:  liberals say they support him!

Ergo, they're not liberals.  Are you sure this isn't too hard for you?

Ed:  what about Michael Moore?

What about him?  He was stumping for CIA Clinton harder than the most ardent Washington stormtrooper.  He went to the pussy hat parade and tried to focus it on himself.  What an asshole.  He was a creative wonder but now he's just a quivering blob of outraged bitterness with no future and no past.

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