Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Mysteries in the Mania and Why Don't Chickens Like Cheese

There's some science in the pile but mostly it will probably be ignored or piss people off since one of them shows how human hunters have wiped out animal diversity.  That may sound like it gears up to slag American hunters but that's not how it goes.  Much of the hunting took place in the Tropics.

Humans are far and away the worst thing to happen to animals on the planet since we can catch all of them and we will eat anything.  Right away people get offended by such things but that doesn't negate the truth in them.

Even pangolins are endangered by humans and they're pretty animals but they're as boring as watching clothes hanging to dry since they just hang in trees to eat ants.  The problem for pangolins is far too many have been poached for pets of all things.

Ed:  so what?

Earth Day is April 22

However the selfish maggots who take endangered animals as pets wouldn't read anything critical of them so such an article doesn't gain much now or on Earth Day.  You can't blame the pangolins on the Tropics since it's Euros and Americans wiping them out.

Note:  there's the possibility that's perceived as a back-handed shot at Lotho since he raised parrots long ago but that's my point.  It wasn't known for some years how animal importation is abused and how many die as a result of it.  He had some really beautiful birds but he stopped anything of that nature many years ago.

He was raising snakes for a while after that and eventually he stopped that too but it was never clear whether he caught the ones which got loose in his house.  I have never heard of anyone remarking about snakes being endangered and probably people wouldn't care much but we need them for something.  I can't say I know why we need them for something but Earth needs snakes doing something or they wouldn't still be here.

Ed:  same for humans?

Sure since evolution hasn't offered an exception since the platypus and you saw how that worked out.

Yesterday there were two articles on Dornier aircraft and the Do 335 was highly popular with you but the Do X, a much cooler aircraft in the view of the Rockhouse, languished.  That was puzzling so here's another go at it.  (Ithaka:  The Dornier DO X, Largest Flying Boat Which Ever Existed | Check out the Huge RC Model)

The Do X was a 12-engine aircraft which exploited Dornier's push/pull principles and it's one of the biggest, craziest aircraft which ever flew but it did and Dornier built it in the early Thirties.  The Spruce Goose only flew a few hundred yards but the Do X flew from Europe to Argentina.  The Do X was an extremely cool and highly deluxe passenger aircraft.

There's no blazing rant in the queue at the moment since most of the political rot is so aggressively stupid there's nothing really worth saying about it.  Contrary to Lotho's belief or maybe preference, such articles are usually the biggest hitters on the blog and it's a puzzle to me as well but I don't mind unloading a rant at all; I'm just not interested in contriving them.

Right now the general reaction to America is people cross their arms, start tapping their feet like angry parents, and ask, "Just how long is this shit going to continue?"

Will it satisfy your teenage heart
if I commit suicide right on the stage

- Mick Jagger singing about Earth for Washington

A topic you all really love is the Age of the Robots and I have some fairly good material on that subject but people really, really don't want to hear it.  News on that aspect of things is something I regard as important for Ithaka since it's not hype, it's not far-off future, and the technological / sociological consequences are enormous but there's almost nothing being done in preparation.

All in all, it would be better if society adopted more maturity than a kid who suddenly crams for a final exam about which he was notified six months ago.  That observation is nonpartisan since I see the ostrichism of both sides being just about the same.  The only future any of those rats knows is the next election.

The Watching of "Artificial Intelligence" completed and some pithy observation may emerge.  Most of the movie was worthless glitz but the last part was unique and maybe some Deep Thought comes from that.

Ed:  that water's cold!

Ironman:  yeah, and it's deep too.

Ed:  was that the first dirty robo joke?

Possibly but, in keeping with the Rockhouse tradition, it isn't funny.

I have a bit from NASA on Earth Day and that just begs for political slams when NASA works so hard to save the planet while Washington tries so hard to destroy it.

Ed:  this sounds like you're bored and should be watching porno movies

That might work if porno movies weren't so damn boring and if I had any.  They take too much damn attention.  If I'm screwing off, I'll almost always pull up Mah jongg because you have no chance with that stupid game; it's just dumb luck.

Ed:  don't you want a chance?

Nooooo, that would mean there's a point to it and I don't want one.  It's much better to enjoy feeling stupid and then get on to something else where I can pretend I'm not.

Ed:  so why don't chickens like cheese?

I don't know.  Maybe they love it but I doubt it.  The reason I wonder is the Federal government was giving away cheese to poor people at one time.  If chickens like cheese then feed the cheese to the chickens and give the chickens to the poor people.

I remember America with a chicken in every pot but I don't remember a big ol' slab of fuckin' cheese in them.

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