Friday, April 21, 2017

The CIA/NSA Leak Like the Titanic and They Have No Idea What to Do About It @RVAwonk

The biggest worry for US intelligence agencies isn't foreign spies – it's insider leaks, according to retired Air Force General Michael Hayden, a former director of both the CIA and NSA.

“In the past, we’ve lost secrets to foreign adversaries,” Hayden told news outlet McClatchy in an interview. “Now we’ve got the self-motivated insider that is our most important counterintelligence challenge.” 

Hayden mentioned the WikiLeaks ‘Vault 7’ release, which contains thousands of top-secret CIA documents that reveal the agency's hacking tools and represents one of the biggest security breaches in CIA history.

(RT: Insider leaks are biggest challenge to US security – former CIA & NSA director)

Julian Assange isn't a spy but rather an email address.  (Ithaka:  Donald Trump is Just a Boy Who Has No Chance of Finding CIA Moles)

The White House has for years tried to use Edward Snowden as a scapegoat for the CIA/NSA incompetence but the leaks come one after the other regardless of Snowden.  Going after Snowden is typical of Washington's kneejerk approach to minor fires while ignoring the fundamental problems.  That's what comes from people so thickwitted their only perspective is in a tiny four-year window, at best; it's even smaller if the election is sooner.

It's inevitable that anyone with honor will reveal the true nature of the CSA/NSA if that person had been beguiled by their false facade when entering it.  That's what happened with Edward Snowden.

Uncle Sugar gave up on Edward Snowden as the scapegoat so they use Julian Assange instead, just as they used Chelsea Manning and multiple others while the fundamental problem of a corrupt organization remains.

This one is typical of the Blindly Obedient:

Caroline O.‏ @RVAwonk  17h17 hours ago

 Be prepared for a lot of 'deep state' conspiracy theories & disinformation from those who have a stake in defending Assange.

- Twitter

Do give her a cheery hello since she espouses to represent liberalism and decries fake news.  The above shows more that she revels in it but so it goes.

Never forget this is all a Kurt Vonnegut novel and they think they're the Tralfamadorians.

Ed:  didn't the Tralfamadorians crack up their spaceship and get stuck here?

Yep, they couldn't drive either.

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