Friday, April 21, 2017

Captain, Thar Be 'Possums in the Midwest

This one is yer 'possum teaser since there may be 'possum pics but it isn't 'possum for sure yet.

As soon as those pics are verified, the full article can roll but this is still The Situation and playing with a computer is not exactly a prime pleasure for Yevette.  She likes Twitter and reading Ithaka for what's happening at this end of the house but sometimes it's best to take it easy.

Today is a milestone since this trip is two thirds down.  The last two weeks will suck hard but sometimes 'possums can be a boost to that.  The teaser will have to do for now since it would be silly to post the article without pics so it waits and that's fine.

The phone rang just now and I was having some difficulty getting to it but I knew Yevette couldn't and I was going to be so pissed if it's just some yahoo trying to push some kind of bumfuck deal.

It was Tactical so I got the phone over to where Yevette could use it and said, "How about this for Room Service, huh? (laughing)"

She was a little flustered since Tactical was waiting and said, "Thank you; thank you."

I told her this isn't about thanks ... this is about grandstanding.

It is, too, since I won't write about the details of how things go for her physically but this stuff is fair game since it doesn't reveal personal things.

Ed:  plus it makes you look like a hero

Yeah, I can see how moving the telephone for her is heroic.  It's also heroic to push a couple of levers to run a bath for her in the morning, right?  I'm not being heroic; I'm being a butler (larfs).

You don't need to be heroic but bringing some sensitivity to it will serve you just fine and even better whomever needs your care.

Beyond all, this brings home that no positive outcome ever resulted from a negative outlook.

Ed:  Ithaka is riddled with negativity!

In fact it's riddled with the assumption people are intelligent enough and committed enough to fix the shit Washington is doing.  The first step to solving any problem is always to ensure it's identified correctly.

If you don't understand that precept, don't ever go corporate since you will be doomed before you start because you will be perennially trying to put out fires on burning windmills.

I like that butler line.  I do believe I'll have to remember that one.

Maybe you think I'm training myself to be pussy-whipped but Tactical is the one angling to be her boyfriend.  I'm just trying to take care of my friend and there's an odd feeling of a bit of guilt in taking any pleasure in being able to provide some measure of help but, fuck that, I'll be the best damn butler there ever was.

That's the same reason both of us so fervently hope Mystery Lady can make it down here.  That won't make anything right but I'm positive it can make some things better.  That option won't close and just needs to be restated once in a while.

Ed:  aren't you the manly man to be the two-woman butler!

See above about the heroism required (larfs).  Somehow I think I can manage.

Hopefully this Ithaka stream really does serve some good for people facing Their Situations since we got nothing.  Two weeks ... be there for chemo / radiation.

Fuckin' hell.  How do I deal with this?  How does anyone?

These scribes are how I deal with this in terms of what is of any benefit to Yevette.

There's more selflessness in you than you realize and discovering that is a rewarding thing.  Some things really will make you a better person but this one comes at a high price; nevertheless, it comes.

When you have come this far in the article, it must be close in your life as well but don't take any negativity or false positivity from my notes.  There is and has been the belief this will go to a good result and defining that result is more personal than necessary but survival is paramount and there is every belief and reason to believe that will happen.

One of the best ones I ever heard was someone saying, "Don't let cancer scare you to death."

Get the regular screenings and all of the rigmarole you don't want to do.  There's an excellent chance early detection will keep you alive.  This went longer than it should have and consequently got worse as a result but the detail of that doesn't need to be presented.  The fact remains it was still caught in time to have high confidence in a good outcome.

All of this may sound reasoned and cold but it's scary as fuck and sometimes it brings tears just sitting here because ... damn it.  I don't know how much that needs to be detailed either but don't think that isn't part of it as well.  You will need your best stuff and it may surprise you to find you have it in you to give.

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