Friday, April 21, 2017

Video Proof of Cold-Blooded Murder by Cop of Robert Lee Clark, Jr.

The coward cop followed the rider for about five minutes and then Pitt maneuvered him; he fucking hit the rider from behind with the result the rider died.

Premeditated murder.  He planned it; he did it.

In South Carolina, the penalty for speeding is death, at least according to the animal, James Vansant, who did this.

RT: High-speed police chase leaves motorcyclist dead, South Carolina deputy on leave (VIDEO)

Dashcam footage shows Berkeley County deputy James Vansant’s cruiser hitting a speeding suspect’s motorcycle twice, at speeds near 90 miles per hour. The suspect then crashed and died, a result of being in the wrong gear, the sheriff’s office claims.

- RT

What unbelievable fucking bullshit.  Like hell he was in any wrong gear and the cop was probably too much of a pussy to ride so he wouldn't have any idea of that anyway.  The cop pulled slowly up on the back of the rider and then hit him.  Then he hit him again.  He had plenty of time to avert it.  Robert Lee Clark Jr.'s death was cold-blooded murder.

The sheriff’s office statement says Clark missed a gear shift, causing him to hit the front right corner of Vansant’s cruiser, causing the motorcycle to lose control.

- RT

James Vansant is nothing but a gutless, sniveling, poorly-trained prick.

Even the most incompetent driver knows you must never tailgate a motorcycle.

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