Friday, April 21, 2017

Donald Trump is Just a Boy Who Has No Chance of Finding CIA Moles

Yesterday, in possibly Donald Trump's most courageous act yet, he announced he was pushing forward with charges against Julian Assange.  When asked what charges he would face, Trump said it would be espionage.

When reminded Julian Assange doesn't commit espionage but rather relies on CIA spies to be told of the corruption in that evil organization, Trump just sputtered that he's a spy and a threat to democracy, damn it..  In the rest of the world, WikiLeaks is not regarded as espionage but rather truth.  America doesn't know what the word means anymore and hasn't valued it in years anyway.  Truth is whatever a corporation can get away with making it.  (Ithaka:  Monsanto, Maker of DDT, and Dow Chemical, Maker of Agent Orange, Are Doing it Again)

Julian Assange is, in effect, the Man who neither Trump nor Obama nor Bush was man enough to take down since Washington is forever sending boys to do the work of men, regardless of whether it's the boys they send to get killed or the cowardly ones who stay back to tell them what to do but who have never been willing to serve.  The first response of a boy is to start fights and, what do you know, there's been a fucking fire sale on starting fights in Washington for the last twenty years.  It doesn't appear America is capable of getting along with anyone and Iceland should be afraid.

Ed:  there has been ever since Bush.  The flaming horror bitch with these sick and evil motherfuckers is Bush was the only one who started only one war.  It wouldn't have been possible to find more incompetent Presidents if they had been dredged out of the Fight Club for Damaged Teens.

Note:  that includes the generals for finding a way to evade combat service since few of them ever see a war except through extremely-powerful binoculars.

Ed:  the generals aren't worth protecting

Not since Omar Bradley died.  (WIKI:  Omar Bradley)

That happened just as the Reagan administration got started and, what do you know, there hasn't been any general worth a damn for more than fucking his own secretary ever since.  (WIKI:  David Petraeus)

Ed:  Eisenhower was fucking his secretary too!

America will put up with that from winners but Petraeus was just another New School Pentagon loser and they have never won anything.

Ed:  it's impossible for them to win anything!

Well, if they were worth a shit as generals, they would know that and act accordingly, wouldn't they.

Something Donald Trump's chickenshit posturing won't stop is recognition of the cancer within the CIA by the people inside it.  (RT:  Manhunt underway for CIA ‘traitor’ who leaked ‘Vault 7’ to WikiLeaks – report)

Many times CIA employees have discovered the truth of America's Murder Squad after they started working for them and that's when they made the decision to reveal the things the CIA does instead of what it says it does.

The Donald Trump mindset leads him to believe he can stop CIA leaks by killing the man who prints them.

Trump:  goddamnit, truth has to be stopped.  America is not safe with unrestricted truth.  All the science tells us unrestricted truth is incredibly dangerous.

Well, it's obvious Washington never took a chance on it and there's no evidence you ever heard of it.

The above is no exaggeration since there's been at least four to six major CIA leakers just within recent history and those are just the ones we know.  To all evidence, outwitting the CIA is even easier than forging a note from your mother to get out of school.

America is dying due to the Law of Evolutionary Potential.  Since you have probably never heard of that, here goes.

When America first installed access to electrical power, the lines were strung on telephone poles since that was the most cost-effective way anyone knew at the time do it.

Much later when South Africa installed power lines, they were put underground for longer life, easier maintenance, and generally increased reliability.  As to why that's important, take a look sometime at how many times major networks have been taken down by squirrels chewing through wires.

It's now at least fifty years after the South African experience yet America still has power lines, etc on poles and that's the clear demonstration of Evolutionary Potential.  Installing a new system is always vastly easier than converting it and that applies to practically everything.

Ed:  you're saying the CIA will be taken down by squirrels?

It's already being taken down by squirrels; Julian Assange is just the one who tells us about it.

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