Monday, April 17, 2017

VP Mike Pence Takes the Lead in White House Whanger Waving

VP Mike Pence is, gasp, a hundred meters from the DMZ in North Korea where he said, "There will be no more failed foreign policy."

Apparently that dimwitted fucktard is unaware he is failing right now and the only reason he's there is because Trump wanted to be in Mar-a-Lago for dinner and drinks over the weekend.

The White House foreign policy is now seen to be whenever there's some dumb ass, completely obvious, and predictable thing which needs to be done then send the Dentist.

Ed:  why do you call him the Dentist?

There was a Dentist with that name when I was a kid and he hurt every kid who saw him.  He was the worst dentist I ever suffered in my life.  Incompetence obviously runs in the family.

Ed:  he took down Planned Parenthood in his state!

When the measure of your life is what you destroyed, you didn't have a life.

Ed:  Planned Parenthood destroys lives!

Yeah, yeah, I've heard that.  I also heard how Patrick Henry or Nathan Hale said he would die for a man's right to speak but apparently no-one will die for a woman's free right to do what she wants with her body except for the women who die when it's refused them.

Note:  I don't think he really said it but the point isn't worth quibbling.

I hate abortion but I hate even more the idea anyone has the right to command anyone else.  Not now; not ever.

Ed:  what does this have to do with North Korea?

Mike Pence tries to command the world but he's never commanded anything and has no right to do it now.  They try to pull the same shit in Iran and they're even sleazier with that stunt since they just do it to stooge for Netanyahu.  Washington blowjobs will always keep that insidious worm smiling.

Ed:  which is any VPs main job?

Yep.  What did you ever see Biden do except talk shit?  He gave great blowjobs too, especially for Poroshenko and he got his kid a job over there.  He must give some really good head.

Ed:  which one?

Probably both

Preminger:  I'm getting a vibe for a new porno movie, "When Vice Presidents Fall in Love ... with Each Other," and it will be magnificent ... of course.

If you start showing me the storyboard, I'll start shooting and I don't mean celluloid.

Preminger:  porno has no storyboard.  You just find a gay man, give him some Viagra, and tell him to fuck some woman for two hours while you film.  Makes millions.

Or some baboon urine from Zimbabwe.  That stuff is powerful too.

Preminger:  nein, nein.  I cannot use that stuff or my actors will start fucking cuckoo clocks.  That baboon urine is too strong.  (Ithaka: For the Best Internet Hoax of the Day, We Offer the Three-Week Erection)

That sounds perfect for Donald Trump when his wife is too, too hot.

Preminger:  don't you think he already uses it?  He's a golfer.

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