Saturday, April 15, 2017

For the Best Internet Hoax of the Day, We Offer the Three-Week Erection

The love potion with bamboo urine has been popular in Zimbabwe (Photo: Pixabay)

Note:  wtf is bamboo urine?

His wife later complained that he wanted sex up to six times a day even when she was cooking and during church service.

The Rockhouse is really not clear about what this man in the picture is showing but someone is sure getting a eyeful.

Ed:  or something

Right ... or something.

Deccan Chronicle:  Man ends up with 3 week erection from love potion given by his wife

Ed:  doesn't that hurt?

Um, how the fuck would I know, mate??

A woman in Zimbabwe’s Bikita wanted to increase sexual desire in her husband and for this reason she laced his tea with a love potion she got from a local traditional healer. But the substance which contained baboon urine proved a bit too much, as her husband ended up getting an erection that lasted three weeks.

- DC

Did you ever see anything which is more likely to elicit a stampede from golfers.  They will climb all over each other to get this stuff.

Ed:  Republicans will stampede too!

Nah, they won't.  Whenever a Republican has trouble making a bone, he will just blame it on liberals.   However, watch out for those golfers and, tip, don't be in the way.

The man Godfrey Ganyau felt something was wrong with him when he got such uncontrollable desire, and after his wife confessed to supplying the potion to him for higher sexual desire and making him lose interest in his first wife, the healer was taken to authorities.

This potion containing baboon urine has been in great demand in Zimbabwe for the past few years.

- DC

Garcon, a long, tall serving of monkey urine, if you please.

Be sure to specify Delta when you contact your travel agent since they pay up to ten thousand dollars if they need to bump you from a flight and United instead puts you in the hospital.  Choose wisely.

Ed:  if I choose wisely, I won't believe this bullshit story in the first place.

Your call, mate.

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