Monday, April 17, 2017

I Can't Go Wrong with Tastelessness with Y'all

But sometimes I can and y'all are a tough lot to read.

I can go wrong with the sweet stuff ... and many times I do ... but sometimes I don't.

The science material may zoom or tank but there doesn't seem any indication on why since they're generally the same and can be exciting but mostly for people who think reading dictionaries is interesting.

Note:  I have done that a lot but mostly while I was in the Army so that may go some distance toward explaining.

Lenny Bruce died behind tastelessness but the things he was saying wouldn't be tasteless at all today. George Carlin took his act to the Moon and added a whole lot of his own.  Some regarded George Carlin, at least in the early days, as tasteless.  "The Seven Words You Can't Say on Television" was famous bit and it's still funny because most of them are still banned but it's funny to see which ones are not.

The measure of tastelessness the networks use is what will shock a granny in Kansas somewhere so those execs show the balls of a mosquito about it.

Ed:  they try to preserve a standard of decorum

There is no fucking standard for decorum.  The ones who are so decorous are the same ones getting us killed.  Whenever we see anyone in a suit with a lapel pin, we know to look the fuck out.  That one is dangerous.

I discovered a new word today:  leperine.  The definition is 'of or resembling rabbits or hares.'

I submit few words in the dictionary are so flexible as to apply to everything from Texas drivers to White House foreign policy.

Ex:  those leperine grass-eaters in Washington have started a war with Syria ... oh, wait ... it's in Yemen ... but hold it ... now there's another one in North Korea ... but ... joy, joy, joy ... they're going into Somalia as well.

Like I say, they're a bunch of fucking rabbits and there's only one thing you can do with a rabbit.

Watson:  Hasenpfeffer

Right you are, Watson, and, hey, let's eat.  Möchtest du das Hasenpfeffer?  Let's eat some rabbit stew, Detective.

Watson:  I'm a Detective now?

Yes, of course.  You always were since you do all the work and I just hang about to say the pithy shit.

Ed:  rabbits are cute and cuddly!

Yah, that's true.  Too bad they taste good, huh?

Ed:  you would eat cats, you vile bastard!

I probably would but they're too fast and I'm not allowed to shoot them.  If cats aren't just another form of nutrition in the city then what good are they?

Ed:  they're cute and cuddly?

Well, they apparently weren't cute and cuddly enough that anyone wanted to keep them so I say, fuck it, eat' em.

Ed:  what about the dogs?

They're easier to trick than cats so they will probably be gone first and that's good for the cats since it will take longer to get to them when there's more meat on those dogs.  We went to all the trouble to fatten them up so, fuck it, eat them too.

The comedy part for me is maybe some people think this doesn't happen already.

Most of the lost animal diversity in the world has been due to one primary cause:  human hunting.  (Science Daily:  Hunting accounts for 83 and 58 percent declines in tropical mammal and bird populations)

It may surprise you to find sport hunters only account for a relatively small proportion of that.  If we're hunting them, we're going to eat them.

Therefore, I submit it's no problem whatsoever to solve the problem of feral animals in the city.

Watson:  eat them?


Watson:  just "A Modest Proposal"

Surely no more than that


Anonymous said...

In tropical areas I would say habitat reduction is the biggest reason for decline.
Human hunters are generally hunting sustainable animal populations.

Cat is a very stringy chewy meat. Larger variety dogs are far more tasty. Stop at any street BBQ grill in the Philippines. Either are on the menu

Peas InOurThyme said...

They've got the stats on the declines and habitat reduction will be accompanied by increased hunting. The article shows how remarkable the declines around any populated area.

Cat will work out ... just let it stew longer, right??