Monday, April 17, 2017

Headline: Event in France Does NOT Turn into a Riot

Paris, France

People take part in the annual Colour Run event near the Eiffel tower

Photograph: Francois Mori/AP

Usually if there's something in the air in France, it will be tear gas.  Ever since Marine Le Pen came into view, France has been pissed off about everything ... except Russia.  Putin seems to really get Le Pen flustered and feeling giddy inside.  She doesn't seem to realize she's sexy like a Halloween pumpkin and she ain't goin' get lucky but a girl can have her dreams (sigh).

I was surprised to see on Twitter someone who calls himself/herself Russian Federation was defensive for Le Pen as if to say what's the problem with her.

Say, there, RF, there's no problem with Marine Le Pen other than her being a racist berserker hell bitch bent on no more noble objective than her selfish dream of personal glory in destroying the European Union.  If that's all she wanted, she could have sent termites and they would probably have had more vision.

Ed:  she thinks she's the modern day Joan of Arc

Her only relation to Joan of Arc is having the same body parts.  It's the same with that meatloaf they elected in England.


Anonymous said...

Color Events are very cool
And not political but as usual it is to you. Your blog have digressed again into boring political diatribes no matter what the start if your posts.

Peas InOurThyme said...

Ela, ela, there are riots in France just because it's Monday (larfs)