Thursday, April 20, 2017

When Americans Will Talk About their Flag, Run ... Quickly

After living in multiple countries, I have never seen anywhere with people as psychotic about their country's flag as in America.  Without coming here, there's no way you can really appreciate how there are flags everywhere.  Even the fucking flags have flags.

If you have the unmitigated gall as to tell them to keep their false patriotism outside then the right wing extremists will come to eat your eyes.  That's not a huge worry since most are too stupid to find your eyes but they can be immensely annoying and they pride themselves on that ... at least until they get busted enough times for sexual harassment and they get thrown out on their hypocritical but extremely wealthy ears.

Saying anything at all about a flag is guaranteed to bring Ann Coulter out of the tarpit and likely she sees herself as the Leni Riefenstahl of the Fourth Reich.  Possibly she could have been if she had any actual talent beyond shock mock.  (WIKI:  Leni Riefenstahl)

There are some similarities since Leni Riefenstahl denied knowing about the Holocaust too.

Ann Coulter is possibly the most-hated parasite in America since she doesn't give a shit about anything except selling her worthless books to right wing extremists who are too stupid to read them.  There may be some way to differentiate her from a blood-sucking tick but science will need to advance significantly prior to trying.

She has no more significance to the planet than a tumbleweed with a megaphone but Bill Maher was shameless enough to bone her.  Coincidentally, Bill Maher is also a tumble weed with a megaphone but, unlike Ann Coulter, he's got no idea what he's doing with it ... but you can be sure he will be smug about it.  Maybe that's what attracted him to Coulter in the first place:  matching smugness.

Note:  what if Coulter was the dumper rather than the dumpee.  How could a man show his face anywhere after having been dumped by Ann Coulter.

Those types of psychos are precisely what the author of an article about the American flag was not and I was highly surprised to hear an American write a coherent word about the flag but that one did a good job of it and thanks to Pink for sending the link.

The circumstance was students at UC Davis in California voted to make optional display of the flag at student government meetings.  If you live here then you know already that will elicit more right wing extremist American fury than burning money since they will be so outraged they couldn't steal it before you destroyed it.  "You didn't put an American flag on your cheeseburger.  Goddamn you!"

For the alternative to those asshats, here's someone who actually appears to be in control of his mind and his gonads.  (Sacramento Bee:  Does debating the American flag make us dumber?)

I was reluctant to read the article since wasting a millisecond on one more asshat preaching about respecting the flag wouldn't be much different from the last tent revival and grace is power, see.  That's how God's power helped Noah build the ark.

The Rockhouse opinion of journalists couldn't be much lower since most in America are statist ass monkeys with nothing much to say.  However, MARCOS BRETÓN is not and he did an exceptional job of something which Americans typically do poorly.

Note:  Americans are characterized as the right wing exremists who embarrass the rest of us all around the world but they have a lot of money and they don't give a fuck so it's extremely difficult to stop them.  However, they're no more representative of America than gun-toting rednecks are representative of Texas.  There are many of those in Texas and we hear them because they're rich and they're loud but they only represent a portion of the people here.

MARCOS BRETÓN, Sacramento Bee

It was the American flag as click-bait. It was Old Glory weaponized to inflame emotions.

But most of all, the fake flap over displaying the American flag at UC Davis student government meetings was about how dumb we can become when the stars and stripes are waved in our faces.

For days, on mostly conservative websites, an intellectually dishonest story about the flag and Davis students has gained lots of clicks and media attention.

On April 10, the student senate at UC Davis passed a bill making it optional to display the American flag at student meetings. The bill amends bylaws that required a U.S. flag to be on display at every senate meeting of the Associated Students, University of California, Davis.

- Sacto Bee

"It was Old Glory weaponized to inflame emotion" - Marcos Breton

Succinct and direct ... not bad at all, mate.  That a journo has even a tiny capability with the language is an enormous surprise in America when most are just overpaid newsreaders with boobs while Breton sounds like he has talent.

Due to the flag intimidation which is omnipresent in America, that simple change brought out the asshats in droves.

No matter. “UC Davis Bans American Flag” read the headline on one conservative site. Another site said the Davis students “voted against” the American flag.

By the time this column was being written, student senators were getting threatening emails. Their amendment had become a full-blown “controversy,” complete with local veterans and fraternities weighing in, offering to provide flags to patriotic Davis students.

“We’re getting threats because of a non-story,” said Jose Antonio Meneses, the Davis student who introduced the bill. “I find it really stupid.”

- Sacto Bee

Of course you do, son.  It is really stupid.

Here's another example:

On Sunday, Craig Calcaterra – a baseball writer for NBC Sports – ignited a firestorm on Twitter by writing these words below a photo of an American flag unfurled at a big-league game in Atlanta: “Will you keep politics out of sports, please. We like sports to be politics-free.”

Calcaterra posted his message in the early morning hours and woke to find tweets calling for NBC to fire him for this thoughts. One gentleman tweeted that he hoped Calcaterra would contract cancer for being so unpatriotic.

Like the Davis students, Calcaterra was getting blowback for how his words were interpreted – not for what he actually said or meant.

“I tweeted out a little joke, poking at those who claim that sports and politics never go together,” Calcaterra later wrote on “I did so by sarcastically adopting the voice of one of the many ‘stick to sports’ people (who often criticize sports writers who delve into politics).”

- Sacto Bee

Back then, an immoral war that killed thousands of Americans was justified by supposed patriots mouthing the words: “America. Love it or leave it.”

Last week, I got an email from an elderly gentleman who said he would pay for my one-way ticket to North Korea because I dared to criticize the bombing of Syria ordered by President Trump. The man said I “hated” my country.

It’s a riddle of American patriotism – how some Americans condemn others for partaking in the greatest gift of our democracy: free speech.

- Sacto Bee

Here's the beauty part since Marcos Breton is a second-generation American, the son of Mexican immigrant parents.  He's the reality which contrasts to Donald Trump's vicious contention that Mexicans are drug addicts, rapists, and thieves.

Note:  Barack Obama was deporting Mexicans almost as fast as Donald Trump.  There won't be any honor left in Washington if Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard leave since that would mean Obama, Clinton, and Biden will be swarming that town like the bedbugs who ate New York.

Writing anything of this nature means even I will get attacked since this is another tedious rant.  In English that means, I disagree with you but have no material so I will attack you personally instead.  That's happened countless times and has come from countless sources.  Welcome to American patriotism.

My all-time favorite was being invited to die in a fire although that may be topped with someone's hope another speaker contracts cancer.  The viciousness of such people is only matched the lack of depth in their rebuttals.

Probably they don't understand me any more than others understand Marcos Breton since they can't comprehend anyone failing to share their views and therefore such people must be damaged.  That false standard is all over the place ... just like the endemic plethora of American flags.  There's little reason to display it when Washington and its stooges work so assiduously to steal its honor for themselves.

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