Wednesday, April 19, 2017

It's Not Always a Walk in the Park in the Midwest

The beauty part is at the end but we need some ridiculous to set it up.

Driving over to The Center was sub-optimal but we don't want to talk about that since it sucked ...

but ...

the entertaining part was when we get there since there was no place to park.  I dropped Yevette at the door and went off searching.  After a lot of hassle, I found one but Ms Organization took so long to get the thing started that Dagwood the Dastardly Parking Space Snatcher eased his pigdog SUV into a position to grab it and successfully ensured neither of us got the spot.

Naturally,  I shot him since that's legal in TX when some asshole does that.

At that point I knew, this day won't flow just like the last.

But it got better.

Yevette was already in the back for her treatment so I parked in a chair where there was no way to miss Jerry Falwell across the way saying to an unfortunate woman who could not escape, "Grace is Power.  See, God's Grace was Noah's Power and he could not have built that Ark, otherwise."

Oh joy, I was just in time for some pseudo-theology from Religious Amateur Hour.  For today's topic we have self-justifying bullshit.

At least he didn't say there were dinosaurs on it or maybe he did as I had already walked by then.  That was required since if his victim split then he would turn his holiness on me and no fuckin' way was that going to happen.  There would only be two moves at that point since either I say nothing and be the Compliant Victim or I walk away after saying, "I don't want to argue with you, man."

If he keeps talking then I keep walking since he's already being rude to push it.

At that point I ask myself, well, what's the trifecta for this day since they always come in threes.

Ed:  do they?

No idea but Arthur C. Clarke was insistent on the idea in "Rendezvous with Rama" and that single point was the punchline for a book which was instantly revealed by it to be a total waste of time since he was only setting up a sequel.  Clarke is usually way cooler than that.

There's no punchline since they don't come in threes, particularly if the context switches immediately as when Yevette wants to roll out.

She said she needed to be at Lemongrass at 3:30 to get her hair cut and she didn't weep but you may since her hair was all down her back and she had almost all of it cut off.  She needed to donate that so she made the appointment today and she did.  Just like that.

The beauty part was one of the girls was going to send a pic of four or five beautiful hair swatches and I planned to post that so you could see them too but something went awry and the email never arrived.

There's another beauty part since Yevette wanted to be sure whomever received the wig made from this hair would not have to pay for it.  Lemongrass participates in multiple programs and one of them is Wigs for Kids to help them out when they get sick and those wigs are at no cost.  That's where Yevette's hair will go.

Hat tip to Lemongrass for doing this since they do this type of haircut for free.

How you doin' out there?  Anyone need the Kleenex?

It did get a little emotional on the way back because of course it will but Yevette definitely did not go boo hoo, boo hoo all the way home.  She finds strength she never believed she has.

Now Yevette is Seven of Nine.  She doesn't post selfies but you would be surprised at the resemblance.  Note:  this was Yevette's suggestion since I had never heard of Seven of Nine before.

Tip:  Yevette is half cyborg now so don't screw with her.  She can shoot lasers from her fingers.

Note:  no idea why the salon is named after a spice which I thought was used mostly for Indian food to make it hot.  We give you a hot, spicy haircut?

You can infer the reason she does this and generosity alone probably wouldn't push that kind of urgency.  We don't need to get into the reason since you know it already  The purpose is she knows she will lose the hair and wants to ensure it does not go to waste when it could serve a good purpose.

That offer on the Kleenex is still open.  Do you think this doesn't affect me too (larfs).

The long-time Ithaka regulars have seen some unusual sojourns during the last four years but this one is another planet.  In the midst of this comes good things and that may lend some credibility to my premise experiencing poverty after a life of relative ease has some hugely positive insights surrounded by a whole lot of suckage which is made, to some extent, endurable due to the perspective it all gives.

Grabbing hard the parts of this which don't suck turns out to be a fundamental strategy and it seems to work in reinforcement from the caregiver to help sustain that thinking.  One thing I know for sure is don't be blowing rainbows at her while expecting her to be fooled.

It may seem like I only see the cakewalk but I see most of The Situation and I hear a great deal more since that room is right next to this one.  I don't mean to blow any rainbows at you either since that part sucks bad.  I don't see a benefit to bringing those aspects to the story since we know they exist.  My point is only that I'm highly aware of the negative aspects and I choose to present the positive to reinforce the thinking anything positive exists in The Situation since it's easy to believe that's not true.

My apologies if this sounds at all preachy but my purpose is to tell it based on the thinking when this surprises me then it will probably surprise others as well.

Who had any idea Jeri Ryan would show up?

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